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ME: Andromeda - Update

First patch was released yesterday and already it's pretty significant improvements. There's more to come (thankfully): https://www.masseffect.com/news/the-journey-ahead

After the update and I loaded my game (I decided to replay from about Chapter 7), I hardly recognized my Ryder with the eyes update. (OMG thank you. Of all face updates to do, that was my immediate requirement.) Weirdly, this update is now showing [NUM #] next to all my dialogue options. So that's mildly irritating. 9_9

As I was reading up on patch notes while installing yesterday, I read a pretty good article covering the update and the statement I linked above. I don't regret investing my time and money already - I genuinely really, really love the game - but I very much agree with the argument that ME:A seems like an early access game. Now I'm an obsessed nut ball so I know I'll be playing this game to obsessive completion several times. That things will keep improving makes me thankful (unlike the continued graphics issues of ME3 that make me cringe). However, I'm hoping that people's upsets and complaints about the early access-like quality needing so many patch rollouts may yield some sort of free bonus content/DLC/SOMETHING to acknowledge the players who invested in this game right away.

Considering the game as a pre-access game, I easily give it perfect score. As a game supposedly full release, I still give it a high 8/10. I can't make myself go lower, really, because characters and story are primary factors for me and I really enjoy everything presented.

The area I'm still not happy with is how taxing the game is on my system. I know laptops aren't the best for lots of gaming, but it's done me well with all other games (besides things that just generally suffer gigantic bugs - I'm looking at you Typing of the Damned).

Otherwise? Minor complaints:

- Thanks for the skipable travel between planets. Now please make the travel between galaxies skipable and most important: skip the landing/takeoff sequences of the Tempest!

- A way to mark on the map where you've been when it comes to camps/sites/etc. (OMFG when trying to do the tasks and no longer having an idea where you've looked.)

- Additional skills or things to upgrade for teammates? Cuz it's pretty damn easy to max all five options. Now I'm at level 62, having trouble deciding what the hell to level for myself (I have my favorite things and haven't changed 'em), and my squad has a couple dozen points each with nothing to invest in.

- Better indication when dialogue updates. Once a topic has been discussed once, it's always grayed out. Some of those topics will update many times throughout the game but it's hard to guess when.

- LET ME TURN OFF SAM'S FLIPPING UPDATES ABOUT HAZARD STATUS AND MINING NOTES. (OMFG I don't know why Voeld is the only place that you can't clear up the hazards, but it drives me fucking NUTS to constantly having Sam going "pathfinder the temperature is dropping / pathfinder the readings are now normal / pathfinder I am reading an extreme temperature drop.") The mining thing is also extremely annoying. Just shuddup, please!

Wee personal complaint: Does the romance with Vetra really have to be so beyond sappy? I love Vetra, I really do, and I'm so grateful for gay turians in space, but the dialogue is honestly sickeningly sweet.