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Random notes

*QUESTION for Eureka fans: What's the name of the clothing boutique that Allison and Lexi go into at the beginning of "Insane in the P-Brain"? I need that name for my genderbend fic.

* I've been watching a lot of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest over on YouTube. (I'm on season two, episode eight.) Both seasons available through user jonnyquestfun88. I don't like the voices in the second season, meh. Race's voice is really awful that season. Since I began watching again, I had the urge to track down JQ fanfic that I read (*cough*andwrote*cough*) a number of years ago. Found the series I'd been reading very quickly since it's like the epic of all epics, a large series - "Jealousy" by Debbie Kluge. The first couple of stories aren't fabulously written, though I still very much like Summer Camp. By Battlefield, the first really long story of the series (and where I left off years ago) shows improved writing. I recommend it.

*Slowly catching up with Eureka. Watched "Insane In the P-Brain" yesterday and wanted to tear out my hair yet again with a plausible way to tie in what happened to Nathan... argh. To satisfy that frustration, go read Serene_Quill's tag for the episode over on eureka_tag. I'm reserving judgement on Tess for now, because my biggest problem with her in this episode is that it's shoved in our faces that she's going to be the new love interest for Jack. Lexi pissed me off this episode and I didn't feel sympathy for her at any point. Jeez she's handled the situation with Duncan horribly. Also? She's scary skinny when they show her bare pregnant belly. She's maintaining way too much of her body definition, imo. Also, I'm just kind of pissed about the invisibling shirt thing since it sends me the wrong sort of message about being pregnant - like it's something to be ashamed of how you look. Funny thing on that though - my mom caught part of the ep with me and when Lexi and Zoe were walking around and talking about pregnancy my mom looked stunned and was like - "She's pregnant?" I was really confused until I realized she meant Zoe! lol.

*Fanfic: Slow-going on all fronts. >.< I don't know why I feel stuck in a rut with everything. Eureka genderbend was going great for a while, then things just seemed to lose it while I was away on my roadtrip. Nothing on the Star Trek front yet, but I'll start work tonight since my exchange fic is due this Saturday. (Wuh-oh.)

*Starting serious work on my grad school application - yipes! Nerve-wracking, I must admit. Also a mite confusing, so I'll have to make some calls. My "main" graduate study will be in adult education, but I'm also looking for a grad minor in English language acquisition.

*Experimenting a good deal with jewelry-making. Hey, I made a Clue (as in the boardgame) necklace! I need to take pictures, I know. *facepalm* Also made a few earrings, even a bracelet. Please tell me someone's interested in making a purchase? I'm totally up to customization with the materials I have. Also, I finally ordered my supplies to make resin jewelry. A little nervous about it. My major project at the moment is actually my mother's birthday gift - a scrapbook gathering up a bunch of old folders. Since my leaving for grad school next spring should mark my permanent departure from "the nest," I'd like to put together something special for her. Plus I'm not finding any good job ops and grad money gifts will only last so long. =p

And that's it for now. I'm going to work on my personal statement for grad application.


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Aug. 6th, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
Uh...damn, can't remember the name. Freak. Yeah, I was kinda pissed about the invisibility shirt too. And how she handled Duncan. I think she makes up for it in the next episode though, idk, I haven't watched it yet. XP
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