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First lines meme

Ganked from my f-list.

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

This is a bit tricky to actually get my "last 20" fics. ;;^_^ It's not like I keep a chronological list, and I've changed journals quite a bit at the beginning of summer. =p (And I'm taking all this to mean the most recent completed stories)

01. Spock can’t help but be quietly surprised at how quickly he and Kirk become friends in the first few months into their mission.

02. He wakes up in an unfamiliar room.

03. When Pike approached him and made his proposal Kirk decided he might actually have a chance.
This fic is a work-in-progress.

04. Angeal knew there were similarities between him and his SOLDIER Second Class shadow.

05. Angeal sometimes worried about Zack’s enthusiasm getting in the way of comprehension.

06. Cloud didn’t talk about his past.

07. Aeris wished she’d known before he left.

08. Rain.
Well, okay, not a sentence. But it's where the first period marks.

09. Despite the greenery and mountains surrounding them, the air made Cloud nauseous.

10. “I’ve never understood the whole Genesis craze.”

11. Yuffie, I want it back!

12. Cloud—
Umm it's a letter fic/drabble.

13. Yuffie glanced over her shoulder.

14. Tifa Lockheart is not a girl to mess with, Reno finds out.

15. It was surreal to be sitting across the table from one of the most prominent SOLDIERS in a little café.

16. It had been a while since Bruce puttered around in Johnny's kitchen and made a fully homemade dinner.

17. It's a late night, and while it's not unusual for them to still be awake and talking in the early hours, it is unusual for them to be at Bruce's.

18. Sometimes Johnny wonders if he’s supposed to serve a purpose.

19. “You shouldn’t go.”

20. Bruce Patterson once swore to lay down his life for someone.
The only non-fanfic story here. Almost forgot to count this in the list.


I've completed depressingly few stories in the past year. *pout*

I go on fandom "binges" - which I've always known - particularly in terms of writing fic.

The Dead Zone continues to be the fandom in which I'm most prolific.

Given that most of these "first lines" are from drabbles... I do well with short, required word length fics. =) I think my Dead Zone writing will suffer horribly because of the vanishing act dz100 on LJ pulled. =( I loved that comm.

Also, I spend too much time on memes. This is why I need to avoid them as much as possible.