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Meme alert! FF meme

Grabbing these from Kmoaton (on LJ). She's got some good ones!

Hmmm, interesting. Fanfiction.net meme. Note that I'm only doing this for my Scifiroots account, which is much more recent than my first account(s) there.


1.    How many words of fanfic have you submitted?   214,242


  1. How many people have you on alert? 55


  1. How many people faved you? 31


  1. Which fandom do you write for? See my tag listing here =p


  1. How many stories have you written? Only counting this site... 114


  1. Which story of yours would you recommend for people to read? Um, lemme see... *looks at list* Here's a few: Little Earthquakes (CSI slash), At His Side (Dead Zone slash), Screwed (The West Wing, mostly gen, full cast), No Fricking Way (Firefly slash)


  1. Which story are you most proud of? I really am incredibly fond of Screwed. I love how the character voices turned out and the snappy pacing.


  1. Which was your biggest challenge? Ocean Soul - my epic-ish Pirates fic that didn't get completed for four years.


  1. Which one has the most reviews?  Ocean Soul at 68


  1. Which one has the least? Most of the stories, 0 reviews


  1. Which story do you feel deserves the most reviews?   No Fricking Way =p and Ocean Soul.


  1. Which story is the longest? Ocean Soul at 33,808 (which includes ANs and story headers)


  1. Which story was your shortest? I have a handful of 100-word ficlets posted.


  1. Which story was a surprise hit?  (by reviews...) Nothing Better, Answer the Question


  1. What story are you known for? Ocean Soul. No Fricking Way. Also my X-Men  fics have gotten good responses.


  1. What fandom are you most known for? ....? I really don't know. 


  1. What pairing are you most know for? Again, not sure. But probably along the lines of Mal/Simon, Gil/Greg, Bruce/Johnny, Jack/Will, Wolverine/Rogue (movie 'verse).


  1. What is something you’ll never put in your story? Beastiality, chan, hardcore kinks. I'll still add mpreg even though No Fricking Way went screwy on me.


  1. What do you think your trademark is? Erm... drama-romance? o_0;; I dunno. And I guess when I'm writing for a specific fandom, I pretty much stick to one pairing in that series.


  1. Give us a hint of future stories! Don't think it will qualitfy for ff.net ratings, but I'm working on a Eureka epic for scifibigbang...



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Aug. 12th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
Star Trek? *puppy eyes*

(I chose this one because the last line talks about future works, so I figured it was appropriate.)
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