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Had first lines, now for last lines

More story analysis memage!  Concluding words of your last 20 stories.

01. He lets himself frown at the mess on his stomach and is pleased to hear Jim laugh.

02. She runs the rest of the way to her room and throws herself into her studies, praying that physics equations will fill her head instead of the disconcerting image of Dr. Stark very nearly petting her dad.

03. Not his.

04. Angeal thought, Or you miss it completely.

05. “Nibelheim.”

06. Had they known, she felt certain, they would have slipped away, maybe found the elusive happy ending.

07. Zack?

08. But this had never felt like “home.”

09. “He is rather touched in the head,” Sephiroth muttered.

10. Can I at least keep Choco/Mog? –Y

11. All my love.

12. The wallpaper had loaded, featuring a doctored (at least she hoped so) image of Rufus and Cloud in a very compromising position.

13. “I think she likes you.”

14. Cloud couldn’t help but laugh.

15. In better nights he dreams of purple and gold.

16. Bruce liked that something as ordinary as a home-cooked meal could ease his own weariness and offer comfort to Johnny.

17. He isn’t worried.

18. I don’t want to be your martyr.

19. He almost didn’t listen.

20. The trees closed in behind him.

Almost all of the fics in this list were in the "first lines" - although the ST series that is a work in progress is obviously not here with a concluding line. =p Also, as I was looking through, I found the fic that's #15 here, a DZ story that somehow I bypassed on the last list.

Both my opening and closing lines are frequently quite short. =p