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Movie rec & personal klutziness

Rode a bike over to friends' house for last day of cat-sitting. I stopped at a corner and I guess I was trying to find my balance while waiting for the next crosswalk to go green when I fell and skidded. I have a four-inch, big ol' scrape and partial gouge of my right elbow. >=( I haven't been banged up like this since I was a little girl and, y'know, playing outside all the time. Also made me feel really young when I got home, washed it out yet again, did the hydrogen peroxide thing, put on antibiotic cream and then my mom taped on two big bandages. *facepalm* So basically, this tells you why I only ride bikes on the sidewalk and don't do trips more than a couple miles.

Anyway, movie rec! Finally watched Blindness this afternoon. One of the few movies I've seen with Julianne Moore that I've liked. Warning: This movie is intense. High tension, lots of tough issues... Quite a bit of nudity, a sort of apocalyptic feel, a lot of awful human behavior shown, including rape. Despite the roughness and less than stellar ratings you'll see around, this film is worth the two hour watch. The filmography is well done and sometimes quite interesting (we see the "blindness" of some of the characters); the dire situation that the quarentined faces is realistic. My biggest problem is that there's no real answer for what the hell happened.  (Note for Netflix members, available instantly.)

Maybe I should start a rec list for Netflix instant-play stuff.