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Movie to *avoid* & a series rec

First, avoid the film Knowing at all costs. As in, don't waste a penny on this sucker. It is pathetic. Admittedly I'm not prone to like apocalyptic films, but goodness knows there are many cases where such a film can stick with me and impress me! This.... not one bit. My mom and I were both doing commentary like: "oh my god is this film OVER yet?!" with thirty minutes left. *facepalm* None of it makes sense within its established canon. Cage's character, as we're led to understand at the beginning of the film, never clicked for me with what he tries throughout the rest. The alien intervention thing is so frigging overdone... This is totally unoriginal. Pathetically scripted. The characters are pretty damn awful. And at the end all I wanted was to have some sick joke ending where Cage's character was conned, or dreaming the whole time. That's sad, baby.

What I'm reccommending to watch:

Leverage is excellent. Watched the first season in two days courtesy of Netflix (instant play), and its second season is available on Netflix as well. (It is currently on TNT.) My fav character is totally the techno-geek dude. Hee. Makes me happy. Parker also totally amuses me. My mom's gotten hooked now, so I have to wait on watching more for when she's around. Since this is the case, I wasn't sure what to watch today while she was gone. The solution?

Harper's Island aired on CBS in the last year (fall? winter? spring? don't remember) and is 13 episodes long. If you watched the awesome, short-lived series Medical Investigation, you'll recognize one of the main characters, Henry Dunn. Scenario: seven years ago, bad shit went down on the island. A man killed six women, including the mother of Abby, Henry's best friend. Henry and his bride-to-be are heading out to the island with the wedding party for a week of preparations, festivities, and of course, the big day. Then again, the past seems to be catching up with the present. The cast is large, even as it's thinned out by various events. Lots of familiar faces. The characters are interesting, I think it'd be an amusing series to play a drinking game or a customized bingo card. =p I've been entertaining myself with guessing who dies next. (I've only three episodes left - w00t!) It's not the best script, nor is the thing terribly original, but it's got some good twists and enough characters for you to find someone you click with and want to root for. Lots of subplot things so heck, it's cool.

Tis all for the night! =D