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Harper's Island


Seriously, if you ever plan on watching Harper's Island - DO NOT READ THIS POST

Oh. My. God. This is sort of my reaction after the fact because I did in fact think the accomplice would end up being Dunn. It was actually more of (my friend) Hidama's moment of "wouldn't it be funny if..." I had the briefest moment of insight in the episode where Katherine died, because I paused to think about who'd had the shears... Still, I'm rather stunned. And god damn... I do like this series, a hella lot.

I don't know what I'm typing *facepalm* It's nearly 3am because I couldn't go to sleep without knowing the end, and now I'm riled up. In fact, I really really want fanfic for this series now. (Why the hell, right? But this is a show I would love some expanded backstory to - like with Danny's character! *hearts* Love him! Or missing scenes. And really, is it so bad of me to want to see a more normal Henry with Abby? Because I did like that idea until near the end... =\ Please, can't we switch it around so that Shane was the crazy dude's son? *sighs*

OK, promise it's bed time now.

P.S. One of the earliest episodes of the series, I had a moment where I was like - OMG can I have zombies, please?? (Must've been when they were digging up the grave. lol)

P.P.S. Whatever happened to that psychic?? (See? That right there! Fic needed!)