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10 Dead Zone icons

Made for the icon challenge comm 10_lyricons.

Username: [info - personal] enchanting_muse 
Subject: Bruce Lewis & Johnny Smith
Fandom: The Dead Zone
Lyrics: Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight (featured in episode 11 of Harper's Island)


Please credit me if you use any of the icons elsewhere. =) Thank you!


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Aug. 20th, 2009 12:00 pm (UTC)
I find it terribly amusing that you posted these when I started re-watching season 1 (the only season I own and have seen) last night *^_^*
Aug. 20th, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC)
=D Timing can be funny. The first and second seasons are the best of the series, it's got the best character development and interactions. I can't really make myself watch season 6 after I watched the premiere.
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