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Oh. It's that day again.

I hadn't thought about what day it was since everything's kind of blurred together lately. Without a schedule it's hard to keep track of the dates, and then I really fell off the wagon on my fic-a-day thing which screwed me over all the more. Honestly, if I hadn't been dating the drabble I just wrote (and I'll post that next) I wouldn't have realized the date.

So today, what's left of it, marks eight years after September 11th - the fall of the World Trade Center, three hijacked passenger planes, and the beginning of war movements in Afghanistan and a focus on Iraq. If you want the stats, you can find those elsewhere. While America is hardly the center of the universe (no matter how many of my fellow countrymen may think so), the events of September 11th did effect the world. Whether or not we know anyone directly affected by the disaster or the wars that have followed, I think it's important to remind everyone to spare a moment to reflect.

Thank you. I wish everyone good health, a sense of security, and all the love you need.