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Little notes

How do you like the new mood themes? =D I'm excited. Each of my crossposting journals has something different. DW: Bones, IJ: Criminal Minds, and LJ: Harper's Island. I like them all, I really don't have a favorite. =p Took forever last night to find the posts about getting the admin console uploading for Dreamwidth. *facepalm* It gets tricky to track things down on each host.

Anyway, watched two more eps of s4 Bones last night and have the new season's episode on my DVR, waiting for me to catch up. Last night's episodes I watched included "The He in the She" which, let me tell you, I loved. Damn, I got teary near the end. I'm really impressed how the case was presented, and the varying reactions from the characters. I liked how Booth struggled with the situation - because he would - but connected with the religious aspect, especially with the son. I really liked the "Inclusion" interpretation of religion, of God, in the episode, because although I still don't think of myself ever going towards a one-deity religion, the spirituality of the episode did truly strike a cord. I need to recommend this episode to my past sociology teacher with whom I took sexuality and a gender seminar last semester.

Criminal Minds: Finally met Rossi! Wow, he is a total jackass the first episode. ("About Face") Creepy case there, too. I adored Reid geeking out about Halloween *rolls eyes* and laughed when Morgan hit the deck as he exited the elevator. =p Still not my favorite show, but I do enjoy it. Really need to catch up so I can watch next week's opening... um, although I'll be busy with NCIS and CSI New York starting up again. *squees with joy*

CM fic: The little series that I've accidently started is now called "Shook the Bones" (yeah, from Carbon Leaf's song "Life less ordinary" that's constantly in my head lately). I was able to actually update my ff.net account yesterday so I gave the series a title. The second story is in the works! I've actually got ~2600 words written. I'm not sure that a case is going to fit real well in what's been established so far - it's mostly centered around Reid's magic tricks, lol! Jack Hotchner showed up and suddenly I'm focusing on others' interactions with the kid. O_o Ah, anyway, Hotch is totally cute, which is undermining a more serious tone I'd meant to have. But who knows, maybe I'll be transfering over to a case/seriousness. I'm trying to let me writing go "organically." XD

Worked last night with mom on building the pergola in our backyard, it's quite a task! We're actually "just" doing all the painting and the top part because we're basing it on the old playstructure we have back there. The other night she chiselled out the rotting wooden monkey bars. We have 4/7 boards up top. I didn't pain again today because I figure we should just get everything up since some caulking will have to be done and additional paint coats. We've had the boards all summer, so it's impressive and a relief that we're finally doing this thing. Crossing out fingers that the rain is still some days away like the weather report says.

Tomorrow I'm helping a friend with her son's tenth birthday party. *facepalm* I'm pretty sure it's all little boys, which could be somethig of a terror. Certainly it'll reinforce my desire to wait on having kids. (Nothankyouverymuch.) I finished up birthday cards for him (and his mom, who also had her b-day recently) last night. Wrapped some gifts too. I still had a Harry Potter sticky notepad from the Target $1 bin where I picked stuff up during college to have little gifts for friends. So he's getting that, a bookmark I put together with a cute Pokemon fanart from deviantArt, and a children's Dragon Ball Z tee... it actually fits me, though tight, but I'm less often wearing T-shirts as I prepare for the working world... besides, I haven't watched DBZ in years and it was never my favorite. I still have a lot of awesome anime shirts. (Hot damn I love my Ronin Warriors one! Robotech, too.)

Ummm okay, I need to stop procrastinating. I've been putting it off for-fricking-ever and today I need to complete my goals statement for my UMN grad school application. *sigh* Wish me luck, please!!