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Season primieres: SPOILERS

Tis the month for primieres!

NCIS started off pretty damn good. =) I liked how the team tried to get along without Ziva but all along each was thinking on how to find her. I cheered when they tracked the CafPow to find the camp. I'm unsure where we go from here, though, and I don't like the idea of Ziva still being (uber-)angry at Tony. I haven't been spoiled for the season ahead, and I don't want to be, so I honestly don't know what's coming next.

CSI New York started off confusing. Due to promos, I knew why Danny was in a wheelchair but it took a ridiculous amount of time for them to get to that flashback. I didn't like how they ordered things in the episode. I did like Mac's room of cases. I'm not sure how I feel about the shootings basically being random. It still seems really frigging weird to me that it was coincidence that the first drive-by shooting was full of cops.

Other notes: * Danny's beard and hair XD totally amused. * Why on earth did Lindsay call to Mac first when she sees Danny bleeding? Wouldn't you call for Hawkes who has the medical training? ::facepalm:: * Hey, slashy tones are back! A number of moments this episode where suddenly I could see potential Mac/Danny. Kind of surprising to me since at first I resigned myself and then ended up liking Danny and Lindsay's marriage. Now I'm wondering if perhaps there could be Mac still interested in Danny and missed his chance. (It so totally fits the ridiculous tragicness that I see for this pairing.)

Next week's CSI NY promo looks great. I'm looking forward to it. Also excited about tonight's Bones! =D