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More help - Concussion

Okay, more questions for the next Shook the Bones story. Since I'm thinking this should be fairly easy, just posting on my journals. =\

Set-up: Reid's in the hospital. He has a grad 3 concussion (he was knocked out for 5< minutes), although that was roughly 12 hours prior his arrival at the hospital.

Inquiry: The concussion is not the only injury (see previous post about skinned arm, plus we're adding in some additional cuts *cough*) so he's obviously going to be in pain. Due to the need to monitor him about any serious head trauma (and he won't have complications there), what sort of medication can they be using? 

My thought is that he can't be on anything that could wipe him out since they'd need to wake him up regularly to check his condition. Actually, considering that... concussed patients are supposed to be checked every two hours for the following 12-24 hours. With the time passed since the injury, they're only going to follow up to the rest of the 24 hour period, huh?

*sigh* Why do I make things complicated? And somehow today seems to be the day to reply to e-mail because my inbox is suddenly filling up with replies to a general "hello" + contact info to college friends.


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Sep. 25th, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks. =) I was doing a little further research and was coming across that, too. (And then found out that Tylenol does little for anti-inflammatory, which would explain why I don't take it.)
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