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Fic notes/updates & Foster dog

* First for something you're less likely to care about. =p Because we have a foster dog in the house for, uh, I don't know how long - tops it could only be about a month, then we're outta town. Anyway, with the foster dog that means we've got seven animals in the house. Five dogs. *facepalm* Granted, these are all small dogs, Havanese and a Low Chein. Still.  Pepper is the foster's name, and she's pretty darn cute. The very first night, even though she's a little shy and skittish, she started collecting every town she could find (and there's a ton in this house) and brought it into the crate. Too funny. She's a little hoarder. And then yesterday she decided her favorite spot to chill out is in the laundry basket. Adorable girl, someone is going to adore having this baby around.

Okay! Fic updates.

* scifibigbang: Officially dropped out of writing. I'm still signed up to do art for someone's FF7 fic and offered further art services.

* smallfandom_bb: Sign-ups continue to Oct 6 (I think)! Go, shoo, help! I have signed up saying I will write for Dead Zone. I have to try this, right? I need to promote my baby, and damn it all, Bruce deserves more "screen time" and I need Bruce/Johnny vibes to wipe out all the Johnny/Walt stuff I come across. *shifty eyes* I really dislike J/W. (Walt is good for Sarah, damn it!) Regarding this venture, I will definitely be looking for a cheerleading team, future betas, etc. I want this to work out. My longest tale for the series is only about 6,000 words (Just Routine). Hmm, after checking the word count on that, I'm wondering about expanding that... I always wanted to move towards mutual Bruce-Johnny...

* Shook the Bones: Yes, Criminal Minds fic! Guh, so addicted to H/R right now it's ridiculous. After all my medical questions, I do feel more solid about what the hell I'll actually be including in the fic. (Because way more research goes into giving myself details than what actually gets written down.) I'm about 2300 words into it. My goal is to have it finished and posted on Wednesday. Also, I'm totally looking for behind-the-scenes support for this series. I have an unfortunate history with commitment to story projects (although I've pulled off some damn awesome things, imho), and we don't want what happened to my Pirates story Ocean Soul to happen here, right? (four years after its start, story finally finished.) *cough*

So - recruiting Criminal Minds beta-like or cheerleader-type buddy... I kinda want someone to kick me in the ass every few days, ask what the hell's going on, ask to see what's been written, throw out some silly lines or whatever to motivate me... =\ I swear Classics_Geek is the one that got me through my Eureka story Bruise Easily while doing that. *hugs her* Man, it's awesome to have someone like that around. So, um, if anyone would like to volunteer, yes?

And now a short preview

    Five hours and twenty-five minutes, Hotch noted when he glimpsed a clock.

    He stood with Gideon by the boards set up in the squad room. He surveyed the busy room with a deceptively calm gaze. JJ was updating Garcia in their appropriated meeting room; Morgan and Prentiss were combing through the latest crime scene with forensics.

    Detective Howard approached them and murmured softly to Gideon. Hotch glanced sidelong at the detective, realizing that she had recognized his underlying mood and wanted to stay out of his way. He waited for her to walk away before turning to Gideon.

    The older agent lifted an eyebrow at him in silent inquiry. Gideon pointed to the door and Hotch followed him out. They ended up in an interrogation observation room.

    “What did she say?” Hotch asked when the silence dragged on.

    “Miller’s truck is being taken to the lab as we speak. Onsite survey revealed blood in the pickup bed.” Gideon’s gaze remained firm.

    Hotch let out a steady breath, consciously keeping himself from shivering. “How much?”

    “Nowhere near enough to indicate death,” Gideon said.