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Aww, thank you readers =)

I just got a wonderful review on ff.net for Shook the Bones. *warm and fuzzy feelings* It was a long reply with a lot of notes about how things are working well - characters, plot in general, no glaring proofing errors. All things I really want to hear about! (And, of course, I get both excited and a little anxious when I hear someone's hooked on my work. ^_~)

Anyway, I really wanted to send out a general thank you to all of my readers, across fandoms and genres. I may always write, even if there's no guarantee that someone's reading, but your feedback in all shapes and forms is very much appreciated. In many cases, it's what keeps me going, and certainly knowing there's interest encourages me to continue with a fandom/series/pairing. (Yes, this is totally my nod to you Eureka and Criminal Minds fans. You rock my socks.)

*hugs to all* Regarding Shook the Bones - my plan's to have story three posted by midnight tonight! I will have it posted before sleep. Timing depends on what Mom wants to watch tonight, lol. I get totally distracted when she puts on Desperate Housewives. *facepalm*