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I'm not feeling too good right now, Mom and I are both getting sick. I blame spending time outside in the chilly wind on Saturday waiting on buses for speeding up the process. Weekend was pretty good, though. I took my resin jewelry class on Saturday, which was really fun. I just hated waiting on buses in the cold (and really, it's not too bad yet) and worrying about making it to class on time. (Buses running rather late for Milwaukee standards, imo.) Totally exhausted after coming home, so when I went next door to house-sit I chilled out with some time playing Lego Indiana Jones and then watched Parasite Eve. I recommend it! The movie felt even longer than the two hours (at least for me o_0) but I liked the build-up to the "horror" aspect. Makes me interested to read the original novel, even if I'm skeptical about translation.

Sunday I woke up early and freezing. Piled on the blankets after feeding Greta and letting her out. Then she (cute little dachsund) and I buried ourselves in blankets and I watched Wolverine: Origins. Also finally watched Criminal Minds "Elephant's Memory," which totally made me tear up at Reid's voice broke. ;_; Also was creeped out to see Zach from Desperate Housewives as Owen in that episode. o.0

Watched first five episodes of Numb3rs yesterday, and we've been catching episodes on TNT the past two weeks. Liking it overall, particularly the early eps, actually. I still see Colby and want to shout "Walt!" even though Colby's played by Chris Bruno's (Walt Bannerman, Dead Zone) brother. Until I see the two standing next to each other, they look ridiculously similar so as to confuse me. =p

On disk two of Final Fantasy IX again. I'm still replaying it even though I got my memory card adapter last week and have transferred my files over. Today I got Final Fantasy VIII and Katamari Damacy in the mail. =D Excited about that. I haven't played the original KD for about four years.

Reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and quite enjoying it. The illustrations rock. No Play? No Problem! is a fabulous book and I totally recommend it. Definitely gets me psyched up for writing and I'm thinking I'll push myself to truly participate this year in NaNoWriMo.

On the fanfic front - I want more Hotch/Reid fics, damn it! Ahem, as for writing Shook the Bones, I scribbled out a couple scenes over the weekend and started typing it up yesterday. (Bruce and Johnny are getting honorable guest mentions, lol; though Bruce was murdered in the case *facepalm*) Using a variation on the slash fic cliche of undercover-gay-couple but not quite what you'd expect. I don't know when to expect the next story to be ready for posting, it's not very far yet. (Not sure I've even hit the 1K wordcount yet.)

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone's doing well!