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nu!Trek fic (/author) rec

Check out [info - personal] corpus_invictus  for some hot numbers.

However, of a less pr0ny nature and more on the humorous and charming side, there is Five Times, which responds to the st_xi_kink meme prompt for "Five ways Spock says 'I love you' through technical terms." I like it because the moments are rather subtle. And scenario 3 has perfect dialogue that just cracks me up. =)

Fic update: Sent my "cheerleader" the most up-to-date version of Shook the Bones 4. Looks like this part will be longer. Undercover operation involved and some ever increasing moments of lite!slashiness. =3 Also it seems that Morgan has snuck his way into attempting a little side M/R ust. o_0;; (I'm not terribly fond of that pairing, I admit.)