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Memes, whee!

Found though [info - personal] rushlight75 . =)

Look at all your fic titles (Any fandom) and see if you have one for each letter of the alphabet....

A - After All It's Not Easy (House)
B - Bruise Easily (Eureka)
C - Children of the World (Battlestar Galactica, TOS)
D - Dichotomous
E - Encounter (Firefly)
F - Five People Gil and Greg Never Met (CSI, crossovers)
G - Give a Little (West Wing)
H - Hypothetical (CSI)
I - Inertia (Dead Zone)
J - Just a Little Unwell (A-Team)
K - Keep Breathing (Dead Zone)
L - Little Earthquakes (CSI)
M - Man's Best Friend (House)
N - No Freaking Way (Firefly)
O - Ocean Soul (Pirates)
P - Points of Authority (Criminal Minds)
Q - Quarantine Protocol (Eureka)
R - Ruins (CSI New York)
S - Screwed (West Wing)
T - Things You'd Have to Hide (West Wing)
U - Unimpressed (Final Fantasy 7)
V - Vive Memor Leti (X-Men films)
W - Well, It Would Figure (SG-1)
X -
Y - You Left It Up To Me (West Wing)
Z -

Wow, only two letters not used! Hmm, I'll have to remedy that at some point. =p

Okay, so this next one I picked out my own fandoms, sorry for cheating. ;;^_^

Comment to this entry and I'll pick three of your fandoms. You must (or rather, if you want to) then update your journal and answer the following questions:

1: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
2: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
3: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
4: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
5: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

The Dead Zone
1. I don't quite remember why I picked up the "movie" version of the pilot at the local video store... but that's how I first watched. Through the library I got my hands on seasons 1 & 2, got hooked, and started watching season 3 that was on-air at the time. I purchased the seasons from there and well, the rest is history!
2: I've stuck in this fandom since the first day. =) It's one of a handful I return to again and again... and again. Yearly there will always be at least one story in the fandom from me.
3: s1 - Here There Be Monsters, Shaman s2 - Misbegotten, Precipitate, Zion, The Storm, s3 - Shadows, s4 - Grains of Sand, Vanguard, Saved s5 - Articles of Faith, Vortex
4: Yes, big time. I contributed to all three Dead Zone zines (I miss them! *sob*), I've written the most fic in this fandom than any of my others, and Bruce/Johnny is my ultimate/top/whatev OTP.
5: YES, please! I need more fic! Gimme fic focused on Bruce! Gimme, gimme, gimme fic focused on the friendship (or more <3 ) between Bruce and Johnny. C'mon people, help me!

1: The commercials were intriguing to me so I tuned in shortly after its first airing. I've failed to watch most episodes on time (though I was consistent during season two). Only recently got into the fic side of fandom (this past April, about).
2: I think it will probably be something I return to now and again. I love a few authors and I'm making friends with some of them. =) And really, Jack Carter and Nathan Stark totally drag me in, lol. Back in canon, I really like the characters.
3: Pilot, Dr. Nobel, Right as Raynes, Purple Haze, H.O.U.S.E. Rules <3 <3 <3, Noche de Suenos, Sight Unseen, What About Bob?
4: Yes. I've done some fic and a few icons. I'm hoping to write more... especially this crazy story inspired by classsics_geek. =p (I luv you, dear.)
5: Yes! Feed the obsession. =D It's a very fun, quirky series. A few serious threads, but mostly humorous. Some great characters, including supporting cast! (Taggart love! Vincent major love!)

Criminal Minds
1: Sparked by continual mention from Phiremangston and catching bits and pieces while she was showing Ohmnom when I went to visit her and Hidama this past year. (Ex: I went to see if Phire was up to watching either X-Files movie, find she's watching CM with Ohmnom on her laptop. =p Silly girls.) Then this summer when Phire and I went up to see Ohmnom, I was caught up with them finish watching s2. I still wasn't hooked, but I liked watching Garcia (she reminds me of Abby). A couple months later, I had some of my series coming to season ends and saw CM was airing on A&E. At first I had it on as background noise; something else to have on while scrapbooking. Then I took a small peek into LJ fandom (hoping for a Reid/Garcia ficlet, which I never found), caught on a CM fic of Hotch/Reid... And thus I continued watching. Currently in late s3, the plots are finally improving (because I was frustrated every episode with how oblivious the team tended to be) and I'm liking the characters more and more.
2: Given my limited interest in the calibre of the show in episodes seen thus far, I'd say I'll move on. On the other hand, I'm really liking the characters as I watch more and read more fic. So I might stay for all the Hotch/Reid I can get. ;)
3: Good episodes - L.D.S.K., Derailed, The Fisher King, North Mammon, Sex Birth and Death, Profiler Profiled, The Big Game, Revelations, Distress, Jones, Ashes and Dust, In Name and Blood/In Birth and Death, About Face, Penelope, True Night, Damaged, Elephant’s Memory, In Heat
4: So far it's been in the fic realm. =)
5: Yes, because I want more good Hotch/Reid fic, damn it.