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Holy moley! Read now!

So I linked to [info - personal] corpus_invictus  earlier today, but I just read Of Sentinels and Anchors...!

Holy moley. Brilliant and fantastical.

This was a very powerful, very believable AU set up. Hot damn I love this! This made me ache, made me smile (tinfoil hats!), and took my breath away. I love how Uhura plays her part here, and that she's Spock's first friend and can offer him a part of his heritage. And the issues of uncontrolled telepathy! Gah. No words...

Written for the Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt found here, which is too long for a full copy/paste, but the general idea is this: "AU: Spock was raised on Earth with no Vulcan influence in his life."