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Shook the Bones update/notes

How'd this happen? o_0 Okay folks, who let loose this troublesome gremlin who managed to sneak a lil' bit of Morgan/Reid into my Hotch/Reid story? I curse a you. ;p

4,645 word count. The case (the focal point of this part) is at a close, basically, so I know I'm in the home stretch. My biggest problem right now is the damn M/R-ness that cropped up. =\ Must fix (or at least start remedying!) this before I wrap up this story and post.

Good news is that I've done some rewriting as I prepared to write the latest scene so it'll be close to ready as soon as I wrap up the plot. I've also been looking over the previous stories and making notes for changes as well as some general proofing. (And crapola, I screwed up time-of-day continuity last story *facepalm*)

I'm always on the look-out for good quotes. =) Just went through a bunch on the subject of fear. Not sure where/how I'll be using things, but I'd love some quotes that make you think of this series or Hotch or Reid or H/R. Quotes and lyrics all acceptable. =) (Heaven knows I get a ton of my story titles from songs.... if you hadn't already noticed.)

Um, think that's all for now. =D I'm thinking I'll have story four up by the end of the week. If I didn't have a busy day on Wednesday I'd promise by then, but I need a little wiggle room.

Chau! (Sí, estudio español a la noche de meircoles.)