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Rec: 21st Century Boy series (CM)

 Since the lovely bowie28 has finished a wonderful Criminal Minds series, I'm ready to recommend it here. =D

21st Century Boy is an eight-story series. The stories aren't very long, so don't expect an epic. All tales are told from Jack Hotchner's (first person) point of view, pairing focus Hotch/Reid. He's five throughout most of the series. Overall I find the voice believable, probably the only part where I really noticed a "too-old-for-his-age" was the final part.

What I really like about this series is that the reader has the ability to observe/interpret without full details to specify what is going on. Jack has a limited understanding of what's happening, only hears parts of conversations, and makes observations that he can. This worked nicely and I think enhanced the recognizable voices of the characters during dialogue.

Read and enjoy!