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 So! This is going to be my first year that I seriously take on NaNoWriMo (last year I signed up late in attempts to make myself finish my creative writing portfolio - yeah, NaNo didn't help). Anyway, the very generalized plan is to write a fanfic, that gives me some basic frameworks that I can mess around in. I've read all the pre-November chapters of No Plot? No Problem - which I absolutely love! It's getting me totally psyched. Since I'm gone to Disneyworld at the end of this month, I've moved my planning week up to get going. (I'll be doing my first day of writing in airports and on the plane.)

Fandom is not firmly decided yet, but I'd like to do The Dead Zone or Criminal Minds. At the moment it seems CM is the foremost in my brain, so it'll probably be that. It also seems likely that there will be at least some crossover going on - maybe one case or so. This would be with CSI Las Vegas. Since seeing a prompt on cm_meme for a story about Greg and Reid formerly having a relationship... well, it's stuck in my head.

Last night I began jotting on notecards. I've got characters listed, pairings preferred (Hotch/Reid developing, Garcia/Kevin, possible Emily/OFC or Emily/Rossi), and a few vague plot possibilities regarding cases. Also I have a card with random things to do to get a plot going. (Yes, one of the items listed is "zombies!") In other possibilities of crossover insertions, I'm absolutely addicted to watching Numb3rs right now and I do like southern California, am moderately familiar with it, so.... 

Compiling instrumental music for my writing soundtrack to minimize distraction. I have a calender up on my wall above my craft worktable which is now mostly cleared off. I'm also trying to come up with 1-3 "theme songs" for each character and certain elements. I'm also going to write down a bunch of quotes and maybe fold 'em up and stick them in a bowl to draw from. (Hey, just thought of that now and I like that idea!)

Also thought I'd share what Chris Baty calls the "Magna Carta" (manifesto-like) reminders of "the good" and "the bad." I have my lists written in a journal but today also typed it up in Photoshop and posted the pic on my DeviantArt. I'll probably be posting other oddities here in the next few weeks.

Re: Shook the Bones! I will continue work on this until November. Then I think I'll have to put it aside to focus on NaNo. I will try my very best to finish story five before then! Cheerleading welcome, ideas, too. o_0 The characters have me rather flummoxed at the moment.