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Strangely I'm hanging out on DeviantArt these last few days due to NaNo. I wouldn't have made that connection.

I posted a link to Write or Die earlier this month, and another cool writing tool is bubbl.us where you can create all sorts of webs. Not sure how useful this will ultimately be for myself, but it's something to check out.

As for things on DeviantArt, there are some awesome wallpapers to use. Right now I'm using this one, but I also really like this one and will probably switch to it at some point in the month.

I've got a collection of "titles" from random generators and also favorite lines or titles of poetry... *sigh* Nothing screams at me for a main title, but I'll be using 'em for some chapter headings.

Still no real idea about there I'm heading for the CM NaNo. I'll probably post some of my notes here in the next few days and see if anyone has anything to say. =p

Also, thanks for the caffeine info! (And keep on with the recommendations ^_~) I promise to spend another fifteen minutes (on Write or Die) for Shook the Bones.