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Write or Die! <3 Fabulous site.

Soooo here goes my progress for Shook the Bones 5.

*cough* But, ah, it's totally a Morgan/Reid scene that went the way of, well, resolving some sexual tension. *facepalm* (I need a desk to hit my head against about now...) My muses are like the plot bunny in my icon, demanding little evil buggers. >_>  I swear to you that this is a Hotch/Reid and any smutty times will be dedicated to that pairing. In the future. (Too soon for the real relationship of the story to jump to that. M/R is a passing fancy of the plot bunnies. *facepalm*)

Anyway, I'm super sleepy and also have some fic I wanted to read tonight. o_0 Tis all from me for now!