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Fic Index: Pirates of the Caribbean

For full story information, please click on the link to view the header information. I only note title, series, and pairing info here.

Caught in the Form of Limitation Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth
The Wrong Ship Jack/Will
Given the Chance Pre-Jack/Will, hint of Jack/Elizabeth
Dichotomous Gen Elizabeth
Playing the Fates pre-Jack/Will
Patience Jack/Will
Answer the Question, Damnit! pre-Jack/Will

AU post-Dead Man's Chest series:
Try Not to Breathe pre-Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth, hint of Norrington/AnaMaria
Strange Fire AnaMaria/Tia Dalma, hint of Jack/Will
Equally Damaged Gennish

Of Skin and Bone series:
Lost At Sea 2 3 4 Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth
Never Learned to Drown 2 3 4 Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, implication of Norrington/Elizabeth, hint of Will/Tia Dalma

Ocean Soul (header) + 18 chapters