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NaNoWriMo countdown! - 11.5ish days to go!

Caffeine stock update: Picked up two 12-packs of Pepsi Max today, have on upstairs and the other downstairs on the table I'm thinking of working at for some of the time. I shall also be frequenting the Starbucks on the corner a little more often, methinks.

I mentioned posting notes about my NaNo fic project, and that's what I'll do. =p I truly have no sense of what will come out or what storyline(s) I'm going to be writing. =\ If you have suggestions, shout 'em out!

My background will overall be canon through (most of) season 3. Other references may appear based on what I've read up on or have gotten spoiled for.

Planned couples:
Hotch/Reid (develops during the story)
Garcia/Kevin (established)
Will/JJ (established)
Emily thoughts - Emily/OFC? Emily/Rossi? (develops during story)

A few thoughts on characters:
- I want do have something about Gideon taking up a plot line. Maybe a stalker following him (not that the BAU realizes this at first) and is leaving weird signs/fires/corpses in his wake. There are many issues about Gideon that I'm curious to wrestle with.
- Main characters will be Hotch and Reid, they're my favorites and I've worked the most on developing their voices thus far.
- If I end up writing a case in Las Vegas, you can bet that some CSI cast will come in. And Reid and Greg will have been in a previous relationship. =) And I'll have to mention Gil/Greg relationship, because goddamn I love that pairing.

Possible Cases:
- Psychics and/or magic acts are targeted (most likely in Vegas)
- Serial murders with elements of folktales (leaning towards the "Grimm" aspect). I don't know how this would work, I admit...
- People with the same name are being killed (inspired by the CSI New York episode when a bunch of Mac Taylors are murdered)

I also have a list of potential chapter titles, a few notes on some of the relationships, and a list of "plot surprises!" for when I get stuck. (Yes, zombies made it onto the list as well as apocalyptic conspiracy, lol)

I would love any songs, lyrics, and quotes you can come up with - funny, serious, things that make you think of certain characters... I'm writing these down, folding 'em up, and tossing them into a bowl so that I pick something out every time I sit down to write.

Thanks, all!