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Hey, hey, hey! Guess what? I've been translated into Chinese! *squee* The lovely wobbly_bobbly (LJ) translated 3 of my CSI Gil/Greg drabbles. =D =D I'm so ridiculously flattered and excited by this! First time someone's translated any of my stories (er, that I know about). =D See it here~!.

Wow, it's Sunday already! SEVEN DAYS TO NANOWRIMO! A forum thread on the official site sparked the creation of post secret cards for WriMo's characters. Of course I had to get behind this. I've completed two thus far: Hotch's and for one of my unsub's. (See graphics tag on [info - community] nano_scifiroots)

Shook the Bones update: I leave Tuesday morning for Disney, so I'm getting down to the last minute to post. If worse comes to worse, I'll be posting the first half of part 5 before leaving. Actually... *debates* Maybe that's not a good idea as much as I know how some of you want to read it - this will be on the back burner while I'm doing NaNo. *facepalm* Look, I'll do my damnedest to finish this part. Basically anything I wrote through write-or-die has been scrapped now, lol. I have a better flow now with the scenes I've kept, at least, but this part still has me struggling. The good news is - Rossi! Also good - no case! Triple good - no Reid whumping! Erm, so this part seems to be an anomaly.