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Trip, NaNo, & Shook the Bones

Wooho, I'm going to Disney World! =D I love Disney World. It's the classic family vacation for Mom and I since we used to go yearly when I was in elementary school. We had a long hiatus until a few years ago in college. Now we're going again before I'm tied back to grad school and a job! We're leaving crazy early tomorrow morning and coming back on Sunday - November 1st. Yup, I'm beginning NaNoWriMo in the airport/on planes. Maybe that will help inspire? Oh, and not only are we doing Disney, we'll be bringing back our new puppy with us! Since we've got a foster dog in the house, we'll be up to five dogs again. (Sadly we had to have Tansy - our oldest, and very senile/blind/anxious dog - put to sleep last Wednesday.)

NaNoWriMo prep has gone pretty well and I've got a ton of graphics going on. O_O I've got most of my graphics posted on deviantArt and of course everything's going up on [info - community] nano_scifiroots. On the NaNo site I've got a brief summary of my plot plans & posted my cover art.

Now - Shook the Bones! I've been struggling with this for the past week and a half and wow did evil_killer_cat need to be tossing out any sort of encouragement she could. (Thanks dear!) I cut a significant portion of a Morgan and Reid (and Garcia for some of it) scene that no one's seen, even though I did save it into another file so it's not "gone-gone". I'd also written a Reid scene on WriteOrDie, did some cleaning-up, and then thought I'd be deleting it. With a little more fixing-up (at EKC's encouragement) I think it'll stay. (I do still feel weird having a Reid pov suddenly appear in the 5th part.) Guest appearance by a certain cast member who hadn't appeared in previous parts also features in this part! =D

I'll be posting part 5 tonight before bed. I'm wondering if I need one more scene to wrap it up. This part is shorter than the others, I'm sorry to say, but not anywhere near as depressing or character-whumping as previous parts. =p I need to end on an optimistic note. Remember, NaNo dominates November and I'm denying myself the ability to write anything but the NaNo project -- which will be Criminal Minds, team-based but certainly with H/R stuffs. ^_~


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Oct. 26th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Have fun at Disney World!

I'm so excited/nervous for NaNo to start lol
Oct. 26th, 2009 09:03 pm (UTC)
*dances* Thanks! And yeah, NaNo~!

I forgot until some time last week that I'm out of town again for five days next month. O_O Visiting North Carolina and honorary grandma & partner, then. It's so pretty around there and I've never been during autumn/winter so it should be good... And I know I can have some time to write. I'll just have to be sure to schedule it in so I don't miss word count.
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