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Tired but happy!

It's the third full day at Disney! Damn, we've done a lot already, even though it suddenly feels like we're abruptly coming to an end. I keep forgetting where the day started because we're bopping all over the place and my feet are aching and my back's sore. We've been having a blast, though!

* (Hollywood Studios) Star Tours will be closing next year (2010) in October for a revamp. ;_; I'm sad about this because I've always loved Star Tours and it harkens back to the original trilogy. Yeah, it's wearing down and probably needs to be refitted, but it's hard for me to image it gone.
* (Studios) Toy Story Midway Mania. Oh. My. God. Most awesome fun interaction ride ever. Better than Buzz, which I loved last time we came, this thing is just way too cool. My latest two scores were ~102,000 and 120,000. I dont' know how people have managed triple that.
* (Epcot) Spaceship Earth has been refitted, which I hadn't realized that was why it was closed a few years ago when I came. The revamp is fun and the interactive part near the end of the ride? Holy crap! I will be posting pictures because it is AWESOME.
* (Magic Kingdom) Peter Pan ride still the fav. Pooh Bear is also sweet.
* (Animal Kingdom) I <3 Dinosaur and crack up that Hodges is in the intro. XD And Everest? We tried it this year and it was awesome.

Ok, trying to plan our last 24 hours or so. Will write when I get back home!