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Crazy day

 So we got home from Orlando yesterday evening with the new pup - she's adorable! Although poor baby was sick during our travels.

Today I woke up earlier than I wanted - as if we were headed out to the Disney parks - and then I went back to bed to catch up on sleep. Puppy girl (her name's Daisy) went into a crate for the duration of my morning nap. Then after I woke up again, I took the pup and two of the other dogs joined us outside for a potty break. Suddenly Nicky barks like a madman and I look over to the neighbor's yard and there's a cat. I was confused, not knowing of any feral cats prowling lately. Then I realized the cat looked familiar! It was TJ, one of our neighbor's cats who I've pet-sat for. Kinda freaked, I grabbed the neighbor's keys and the phone from inside, then ran next door. Thank god TJ actually wanted to go back inside to his house. The door was unlocked but closed. I went inside while calling the neighbor's cellphones. Now they're having remodeling done in their attic/second floor so I know there's been a guy over there doing work... but even he wasn't in. I checked around and no sign of Taz, the other cat. Not sure what to do, I made sure the door was securely closed and started out of the yard. Taz was just outside the fence, waiting to come around to the back door. I swear I just about passed out from relief and let him in. By the time I got back to my yard to check on the newest pup (and I was scared she was going to slip through a fence! She's a tiny little thing!) the worker pulled in next door. I talked with him and he seemed sincerely surprised and worried that the cats had gotten out. I was glad he said he'd take extra precautions to make sure all the animals were inside.

So that was an exciting adventure, huh? And I figured that was the end of adventures there and that I'd just be dealing with the squirrelly little pup here. Then about an hour or so ago Nicky's barking again, though we're all inside. I told him to knock it off since he's apt to bark when some dog on the block starts up. Then I heard deep, big dog barking that was coming from awfully close. The neighbors to either side of us have fairly small dogs - like us. I stepped into the backyard to look and sure enough there's a large lab-mix (I think) dog in the neighbor's yard with a guy at the back gate and a young woman holding a leash and wearing a t-shirt. This is the same neighbor's yard as the cats earlier. Confused and not real impressed by this behavior, I asked if I could help and the woman said the dog had escaped and she was trying to get him. So I went back inside, grabbed a jacket (yes I'm still in my PJ's) and some dog treats before going next door. The back gate must have been left unlatched *sigh* for Chopper (the dog) to get in, though the folks had closed it to keep him inside. I squatted down inside, called the dog's name and offered the treats. Shortly thereafter the dog danced around his owner and started rolling on the ground next to her and she was able to clip the leash on. He was in a playful mood, so I was never all that nervous - though I made sure I was in a pretty submissive position when offering the treats. Actually I think my getting low to the ground gave a cue to the woman to kneel down and encourage the dog to come to one of us. He kinda stood between us for a bit and barked excitedly before running near her.

So thankfully it's been happy endings all around. I'm just a little wary about what else might happen today considering it's only two o'clock. o_0 I'm hoping nothing else happens, but I tell ya, I'll be on the look out.