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Whee, CM-specific meme =D

Nabbed from me_and_thee.

Favorite character: Hotch, Garcia

Least favorite character: Elle

Character with the best hair: M: Reid (usually) | F: Garcia

Character with the best eyes: Umm... Reid's got pretty expressive eyes

Character I'd most want to kiss: M: Hotch | F: Garcia =D

Character I'd most likely shag: Hotch or Reid. Or Prentiss. Damn, don't even know who'd top my list!

Character I'd make lunch for: Reid, he needs to be fed =p

Character I'd go singing in the rain with: Garcia

Character I'd go shopping with: Garcia

Character I'd go dancing with: Morgan and Garcia

Character I'd take over the world with: Hmm... Prentiss or Rossi, I think.

Character I most want to see more of: Garcia never quite gets enough attention. Mostly I'd like more Hotch-and-Reid scenes, though. =D

Favorite het pairing: *thinks* Rossi/Prentiss, methinks.

Favorite slash pairing: MM: Hotch/Reid, OTP! FF: Prentiss/Abby Scuito (NCIS) =D Actually newly adjusting to this f/f pairing and rather like it...