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NaNoWriMo write-in!

I'm so excited! In a little bit I'll be taking off to go to my first write-in! If you're in the Milwaukee area, the NaNo write-in is today from 2-7pm at Borders in Greenfield (the one in the parking lot of Southridge Mall). I'll be there wearing my maroon Writing Center t-shirt and a red skirt. ^__^

It's amazing to me how quickly I can come awake when I have something to get up for. I bounce around, enjoy my shower more, happily apply makeup, pick out some funky jewelry and wha-la! I'm ready to get out there!

I only have 1K words to go to meet today's goal so I'm excited about getting ahead of the game today! Looking forward to meeting fellow NaNo writers and writing in a different setting. Squee! I'm happily bouncing around here, lol.