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More NaNo

 Well I'm over 36K for words! =D So exciting! Also have been formulating an outline on notecards. Until a couple minutes ago, those were on a board, which makes it easier to look over during word sprints (@NaNoWriMo has done a wonderful job of hosting those over Twitter much of the week), but now they're down in a pile since I'm heading to MATC Oak Creek campus in about an hour for the Write-In Write Now! event this evening. Whee~! Auction to profit the Youth Writers Program, plus writing time amongst fellow Wrimos. I'm so looking forward to it. And kindly I've got carpools to go to and from the location - whew!

Tomorrow is another write-in at the Greenfield Borders, and I plan to be there the whole time, actually - 2pm-7pm. If I concentrate, I'm pretty sure I can wrap up the plot tomorrow while there. =) If not, my deadline for story wrap-up is by Sunday midnight. So excited about this! I'm loving the experience!

Oh, and other RL news! I have been accepted to attend UMN next semester to begin my masters in adult education! =D Right now I'm trying to figure out the finances and search for an apartment. No easy task, but it's so exciting to know that I've got my place at the school. Also a little scary because I'll truly be living on my own for the first time - not at home, not in dorms... Whew. Exciting changes!