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Fanfic writing

So you know about my announcement a week ago about wrapping up the NaNoWriMo project - huzzah! Well, now it's time to get back to other stories and actually there's a challenge (30Kin3) for me to write. =p

I've reread all of Shook the Bones now and there's some general ideas floating in my head, but I can't seem to get started on anything now. =\ HELP? I feel suddenly quite lost and baffled. 

By the way, the 30K challenge is due at the end of January. I'm hoping I can do it (I should be able to do it) while running around crazily for finding an apartment, a job, and starting grad school. What I'm thinking for this challenge is making it part of the Shook the Bones universe, probably a couple "stories" ahead so that I can at least release an average-size (meaning between 4-5K words) story in December. 

Still, I need the prompt, encouragement, really whatever you have to offer. I'm going to go back into the NaNo forums too and check for the push. Probably next word war/sprint I see around I'll jump on it and try working on something. =) I hope to have something available in the next couple weeks for reading!