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ff.net notices =p

Anyone else get a little nervous (or maybe excited) when you get notices from ff.net (or other archives) that you or a story has been favorited/added to alerts list? I tell you, I  am damn happy when I'm getting favorites for non-CM stories rather than author/story alerts. (Although I get amused by the story alerts added for a Eureka story which is a oneshot...)

But jeez! You're all making me nervous! I'm nowhere with Shook the Bones and yet at least every three days I get a fav or an alert added for on ff.net! Yikes! I know it should be like a fire under my butt to get me writing, but it sadly hasn't done anything for now. *facepalm* I know I really should start watching again, get ideas. I just seem to get distracted way too easily. (But, you know, it is essential for me to get job applications out, get out of my apartment to meet people, knit myself a better scarf to improve my chances of surviving the bitter cold...) Fine, you got me. I just give excuses.

Uh... but thanks for all the support, I'm  actually quite honored and always amazed with the amounts of favorites I'm now getting on archives. I appreciate all the encouragement and especially the reviews - I've been saving all of them! I hope that when I'm able to post the next part that I'll be living up to expectations. =)


Jan. 8th, 2010 08:52 pm (UTC)
Ha, yeah, please don't give up! (Hell, not so long ago I accomplished a goal I never thought would happen - I finished a Pirates of the Carribean fic series that I started within the first month of when Curse of the Black Pearl came out. *facepalm* I mean, all films were out on DVD by the time I finally wrapped that sucker up. So... 4.5 years to finish, but I did it!)

Anyway, I really hope it won't take me that long to do that with this series, but hopefully that gives a little assurance that I can be tenacious. I'd just rather not force anything at the moment since I know it'd be awkward/stilted... just not up to the standard I'd like to have. =p

As I get busier (school and hopefully a job, yes?) I might get more inspired. It does often seem like if you have a schedule and other things to do that writing gets done and muses hit. =p