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Anyone on Echo Bazaar?

Anyone else haunting the streets of Fallen London? (a.k.a. Echo Bazaar) I'm quite enjoying it, although only one of my friends on Twitter is also playing so I can't do much in the way of invitations to team up for things. =p If you are on it and having fun, add moi - I'm @Scifiroots.

Anyway, had my first linguistics class on Tuesday. I think the discussion section will be good and I get a good feeling about the TA. As for the lecture, the prof thus far annoys me and his voice is really dull. I'm hoping the friend I made will be open to my muttered sarcastic comments. =p Actually, best case scenario is that the dude improves the class when we're not on the introduction day. I was in a pretty bad mood Tuesday night, though. Drr.

Buses suck to deal with in the evenings. I had a bitch of a time after class, and even catching one out to campus ended up taking far longer than it should have. Did not help my mood at all, though I felt a little better with the driver on the way home, he was a nice guy. I'm so not looking forward to my buses out to the St. Paul campus. I'm leaving early so I'll be heading out in the afternoon, so the way out shouldn't be bad. Looking ahead for my way home, it's going to involve three buses and the timing isn't nice, either. Totally wearing long underwear under my jeans so my thighs don't freeze again.

Hopefully have all my books, now. I had to get a new backpack yesterday, too (like I said, Tuesday evening was a bitch). Preparing my snacky-dinner now before I take off on the bus; my class runs 5-7:40, my dinner time. I'm thinking positive things about my class tonight since it's not a gen-ed intro class - this is my grad major, adult education, so I'm thinking the focus is going to help matters. Hope to like my prof!

Ta, all! (And feel free to send me suggestions of things to do in the Twin Cities. I'm ready to do more exploring now that I have my uni unlimited bus pass for the semester.)


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Jan. 21st, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
Linguistics class? I was doing an exam from linguistics today! I hope you´ll be more succesfull than I was... :D

And I am glad someone else knows Frou Frou too ;)
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