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 Note a huge one, per se, but very important nevertheless.

I have separated my website indices due to the wide nature of my internet ventures. If you wish to find any of my fandom related things, please go to http://fandom.enchantingmuse.com. All individual websites remain the same, e.g. Art of Life has the same address as always.

For those of you just hearing about my website domain, I update irregularly, often with long breaks in between, but it is a place where I eventually archive 95% of what I've done (by either hosting it there or collecting the variety of links). This includes: fanfic, icons, other graphics, fanmixes, fanvids, observations, recs, Photoshop brushes, and whatever else comes up. My website's a useful place to find anything written/created prior the summer of 2009. (BTW, Art of Life is my fanfiction site.)

Uh, that's all for now! Remember to let me know if you're interested in RP-ing for Fringe. Or even if you aren't interested in participating, I could use a co-mod for things as basic as formatting/accepting applications or sorting out disputes.