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{Drabble} Text Summons | Final Fantasy VII

Text Summons
By Clarity Scifiroots
Rating: All
Disclaimers apply
Word count: 100 (the sigs are counted)
Summary: Yuffie's at it again.
Written for ffvii_100

Yuffie, I want it back! You know what I’m talking about. –T
What did I do? –Y

Where did you put Ifrit? He’s Cloud’s favorite summons. He’ll go ballistic when he finds it gone. Now give it back! –T

But I don’t have it! –Y

I don’t believe you. –T

No. –Y

Don’t mess with me, Kisaragi. –T

You can have Choco/Mog. –Y

You stole from Cait? That’s low. Return all of our Materia before I go Limit Break on your ass. –T

Never! They’re mine! –Y

I’ll tell everyone about Vincent. –T

Can I at least keep Choco/Mog? –Y