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Love Him Less
Clarity Scifiroots
Characters: Zack, Sephiroth; gen
Rating: All
Written for ffvii_100 prompt "touch"
Notes: Started replaying Crisis Core last night. And I really want the new Zack Play Arts figure. Someone get it for me? (Note: My friend DID buy him for me!!)

“I’ve never understood the whole Genesis craze.” Zack waved his phone in front of Sephiroth’s face. “I mean, I signed up for fanclub letters and everything. But I still don’t get it!”
Holding back an eye-roll, Sephiroth sighed and pushed aside Zack’s arm. “Why does it matter?” As much as people thought that Sephiroth and Genesis were friends, their relationship had been little more than an understood animosity. Both tolerated the other for Angeal’s sake.

“What about my fanclub? I know I’m not as cool as you or Angeal – but Genesis?”

“He is rather touched in the head,” Sephiroth muttered.