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{Drabble} Not a Word | Final Fantasy VII

Not a Word
Characters: Cloud
Rating: All
Disclaimers Apply
Words: 100
Written for ffvii_100
A/N: Unrelated, but watching Poltergeist for the first time and right before Friday the 13 can really, really freak you out. ::shudder::

Cloud didn’t talk about his past. Although he told Zack about his hometown, he didn’t tell the real stories. Not about the other children. Tifa. The broken bridge. Tifa’s father. The isolation and abuse.

He didn’t even talk about the bone-deep longings that led him to Midgar, fueling his dream for SOLDIER.

He shoved aside the memories and locked them away, never to be shared. They only symbolized weakness and shame. Remembering meant recognizing his unworthiness.

I’m not worthless, he promised. Some day it might be true.

Cloud waits with Zack to hear Sephiroth’s answer of the mission destination.