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{Drabble} Oblivious | Final Fantasy VII

By Scifiroots
Characters: Angeal, Zack (Hojo, Kunsel, Cloud)
Rating: All
Words: 100 for prompt "secrets" on ffvii_100

Angeal sometimes worried about Zack’s enthusiasm getting in the way of comprehension.

Point: Zack loved showing off, and Hojo’s muttered comments caused little more than a few minutes of confusion.

Point: Zack liked socializing. But Angeal knew Kunsel shared secrets with Zack he would never imagine sharing with anyone else.

Point: Zack enjoyed public functions. A blond cadet appeared in the shadows to watch him with a star-struck gaze whenever possible, but Zack never saw him.

“Someday you’re going to find you’ve misjudged,” Angeal warned.

“I see the best in people!” Zack defended.

Angeal thought, Or you miss it completely.