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Fic Index: Final Fantasy VII

For full story information, please click on the link to view the header information. I only note title, series, and pairing info here

Closer Sephiroth/Cloud, one-sided Zack/Cloud
Imitation Angeal/Cloud, one-sided Cloud/Zack
Life Sephiroth/Cloud/Zack
Memory Of Its Own Sephiroth/Cloud (but mostly gen)
We Could Be Happy Zack/Aeris

Drabbles Rated: All, No focal pairings
Across Continents Mrs Strife
Everything Wrong Cloud, Zack
Feels Like... Cloud, Zack
Findings Yuffie
Love Him Less Sephiroth, Zack, Genesis
Not a Word Cloud
Not So Different Zack, Cloud
Oblivious Angeal, Zack
Text Summons Yuffie, Tifa
Unimpressed Reno, Rufus, Tifa