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Watching Serenity across statelines

Initially Phire & I were going to watch a horror movie to rebel against Vday, then she mentioned Serenity since she knew we both owned that, and I got hooked on the idea. After she finished up work and returned to her dorm room in Iowa, I tracked down my DVD and popped it into my PS3 here in Minnesota. We were on Skype while we watched. =)

I know this probably doesn't matter to anyone, but there's some amusing moments so I figured I might as well share. Forewarning: Some foul language. ;;^^

[2/14 9:10:45 PM] Phiremangston: helloooo
[2/14 9:10:59 PM] Scifiroots: Yo!
[2/14 9:11:14 PM] Scifiroots: Managed to track down my disk amazingly quick, lol
[2/14 9:11:22 PM] Phiremangston: awesome.
[2/14 9:11:28 PM] Scifiroots: w00t
[2/14 9:11:33 PM] Phiremangston: I have it ripped to my hard drive, so we'll see how it goes.
[2/14 9:11:50 PM] Scifiroots: Okies. =) However you want iz goodly
[2/14 9:12:27 PM] Phiremangston: all right, it seems to be working
[2/14 9:12:29 PM] Phiremangston: ready when you are :)
[2/14 9:12:37 PM] Scifiroots: in a 3 2
[2/14 9:12:44 PM] Phiremangston: go!
[2/14 9:12:45 PM] Scifiroots: 1!'
[2/14 9:13:01 PM] Scifiroots: blue screen of DOOM. & credits...
[2/14 9:13:10 PM] Phiremangston: Ah, Universal. Why did you have to accidentally destroy 100 copies?
[2/14 9:13:16 PM] Scifiroots: *facepalm*
[2/14 9:13:36 PM] Phiremangston: their terraforming things are still really cool
[2/14 9:13:46 PM] Scifiroots: Quite true.
[2/14 9:13:58 PM] Scifiroots: Hey, is the teacher whats-her-name --- CAM from Bones?
[2/14 9:14:03 PM] Scifiroots: (just hearing the voice right now)
[2/14 9:14:04 PM] Phiremangston: Yes, she is!
[2/14 9:14:06 PM] Scifiroots: AWESOMJE
[2/14 9:14:12 PM] Scifiroots: Yes, awesome with a J
[2/14 9:14:27 PM] Phiremangston: How else would you spell it?
[2/14 9:14:42 PM] Scifiroots: No idea. *g*
[2/14 9:14:52 PM] Phiremangston: hehehe
[2/14 9:15:00 PM] Scifiroots: "We're meddlesome" nom.
[2/14 9:15:07 PM] Scifiroots: NEEDLE IN HEAD RAWR
[2/14 9:15:14 PM] Scifiroots: and yes, I'm lagging in commenting, lolz
[2/14 9:15:18 PM] Phiremangston: wah, there's a small lag time between audio/video. But that's because I'm using two monitors, and it's playing in the secondary one.
[2/14 9:15:24 PM] Phiremangston: hehehe, that's all right
[2/14 9:15:47 PM] Scifiroots: lol it's all good.
[2/14 9:16:00 PM] Scifiroots: Hey, have you ever watched Sarah Connor Chronicles?
[2/14 9:16:12 PM] Phiremangston: I've seen the first season and part of the second
[2/14 9:16:16 PM] Phiremangston: somehow I fell out of watching it
[2/14 9:16:19 PM] Scifiroots: (& other thought: Simon's wwwaaayyy too adept in the escape thing, which kinda bugs me)
[2/14 9:16:46 PM] Scifiroots: TSCC is damn intense. o.0 I'm on episode... 14, I think, of the second season. Luckily found it online, tho' my cnx is weird with streaming
[2/14 9:17:01 PM] Phiremangston: I really need to catch up at some point.
[2/14 9:17:48 PM] Phiremangston: dude, they're so lucky the security beams were going up rather than down
[2/14 9:18:29 PM] Scifiroots: Just found a Firefly xover (well, as far as I can tell, it's not perfectly universes crossing over, but Sarah Connor's an ex-browncoat) as I poked around at available SCC femslash
[2/14 9:18:47 PM] Scifiroots: Harhar, laserbeams... BURN. No, j/k. Wrong movie. ;)
[2/14 9:18:55 PM] Phiremangston: heheheh
[2/14 9:19:28 PM] Phiremangston: "something a good deal more dangerous"
[2/14 9:19:35 PM] Scifiroots: *g* was totally gonna comment on that
[2/14 9:20:03 PM] Phiremangston: that's interesting, and reminds me of a quote from something that said love is psychosis, essentially. It was a movie or episode where the evil was actually love, because love will kill to protect something
[2/14 9:20:53 PM] Scifiroots: lol Fabulous. Well, passions taken to extremes, right?
[2/14 9:21:07 PM] Scifiroots: "how far would you go for someone you love?" FRINGE FTW
[2/14 9:21:26 PM] Phiremangston: I LOVE FRINGE
[2/14 9:21:45 PM] Scifiroots: YOU SHOULD JOIN THE RP!! (inlove)
[2/14 9:21:55 PM] Phiremangston: heeee, but I don't have time
[2/14 9:22:00 PM] Scifiroots: SAD!
[2/14 9:22:28 PM] Scifiroots: You should still nab a smaller canon role or something so you can pop in now and again. Or at least watch when we start up so you can offer me some suggestions. =p
[2/14 9:22:45 PM] Phiremangston: OH! It was the Jekyll miniseries that said that Hyde was actually the embodiment of love, and that's why he was so dangerous.
[2/14 9:22:53 PM] Phiremangston: I may do that, then
[2/14 9:23:22 PM] Scifiroots: YAY
[2/14 9:23:30 PM] Scifiroots: WASH I LUV YOU LIKE WOAH
[2/14 9:23:37 PM] Phiremangston: I MISS WASH
[2/14 9:23:42 PM] Scifiroots: "was that the primary bumper panel"
[2/14 9:23:50 PM] Scifiroots: OH GOD OH GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!
[2/14 9:23:56 PM] Phiremangston: "we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."
[2/14 9:24:06 PM] Scifiroots: OH WAIT, I DIDN'T MEAN ME! (shake)
[2/14 9:24:17 PM] Scifiroots: JAYNE lmao (h)
[2/14 9:24:35 PM] Scifiroots: "Jayne, we're robbin' the place, not occupyin' it."
[2/14 9:24:36 PM] Phiremangston: I remember seeing David Krumholtz's name in the credits and going EEEEEEEEEE!
[2/14 9:24:42 PM] Scifiroots: Whozzat?
[2/14 9:24:56 PM] Phiremangston: main character on Numbers
[2/14 9:25:02 PM] Scifiroots: Ah, right!
[2/14 9:25:14 PM] Scifiroots: Simon: I AM A SHADOWY NINJA DOCTOR! RAWR!
[2/14 9:25:27 PM] Scifiroots: "hard to tell one from t'other with a face like yours"
[2/14 9:26:38 PM] Scifiroots: You realize that this is now going to have me craving Firefly fic. Possibly writing.
[2/14 9:26:49 PM] Scifiroots: And that translates to my slashy otp of the series. (think)
[2/14 9:27:17 PM] Phiremangston: heeeeeee
[2/14 9:28:19 PM] Scifiroots: Gleeeeeee!
[2/14 9:29:13 PM] Scifiroots: Actually last week someone commented on a fic that's supposed to be part of a series for Firefly... and yeah, I was/am totally gonna save Wash.
[2/14 9:29:33 PM] Phiremangston: oh, nice
[2/14 9:29:42 PM] Scifiroots: WASH WAS NEVER MEANT TO DIE!
[2/14 9:30:13 PM] Scifiroots: Guns out! Body slams! Body armor! BAM
[2/14 9:30:25 PM] Scifiroots: "you oughtta be looking very intently at your own bellybuttons."
[2/14 9:32:14 PM] Phiremangston: "You have to give me your authorization password!....okay."
[2/14 9:32:48 PM] Scifiroots: I'm so not getting any fic writing done, heh. Doesn't eactly help that, y'know, I'm watching sci-fi Firefly goodness, but I'm trying to write Criminal Minds. o.0
[2/14 9:33:22 PM] Phiremangston: hahah, slightly different
[2/14 9:33:33 PM] Scifiroots: "I was thinking more of a graze.""You don't want it to look like you just gave up."
[2/14 9:33:47 PM] Scifiroots: Reavers: NOM NOM NOM
[2/14 9:33:55 PM] Phiremangston: NOM NOM HUMANS NOM
[2/14 9:34:08 PM] Scifiroots: NOM NOM RAPE AND PILLAGE NOM NOM
[2/14 9:34:15 PM] Scifiroots: |-(
[2/14 9:34:21 PM] Phiremangston: *snerk*
[2/14 9:34:31 PM] Phiremangston: "Sure would be nice if we had some GRENADES, don't you think?"
[2/14 9:34:43 PM] Scifiroots: *g* I love you Jayne! lolz
[2/14 9:34:51 PM] Scifiroots: WASH I LOVE YOU ILU ILU ILU
[2/14 9:35:02 PM] Scifiroots: "I do believe in Wash, I DO I DO" *claps hands*
[2/14 9:35:38 PM] Scifiroots: And gawd, Harpon in the frigging leg.... OWWIE
[2/14 9:35:56 PM] Phiremangston: And Simon sliiiiiiides to the control panel.
[2/14 9:35:59 PM] Phiremangston: Whoosh!
[2/14 9:36:11 PM] Scifiroots: He's totally walking around just in socks. =D
[2/14 9:36:24 PM] Scifiroots: Oh wait, he's te preppy boy so wouldn't have grippy soles on his shoes, lol
[2/14 9:36:35 PM] Phiremangston: he totally would
[2/14 9:36:50 PM] Scifiroots: RUN AWAY *simon dahes and.... faceplant*
[2/14 9:37:27 PM] Phiremangston: Reaver: "Bang bang my baby shot me down."
[2/14 9:37:47 PM] Scifiroots: SAD
[2/14 9:37:54 PM] Scifiroots: TRAGIC REAVER IS TRAGIC
[2/14 9:38:03 PM] Phiremangston: "You stupid selfish son of a whore!'
[2/14 9:38:04 PM] Phiremangston: MOST EMO REAVER EVER.
[2/14 9:38:07 PM] Scifiroots: I have to admit, I'm always amused that Simon decks Mal.
[2/14 9:38:23 PM] Scifiroots: Ok, I wanna see a music vid of the most Emo Reaver EVAH
[2/14 9:38:47 PM] Phiremangston: that would be amaing
[2/14 9:38:55 PM] Phiremangston: my "z" key apparently hates me :S
[2/14 9:39:06 PM] Scifiroots: lol No prob. I keep mistyping things lately.
[2/14 9:39:22 PM] Scifiroots: BANG BANG I shot the boy down. :'(
[2/14 9:39:34 PM] Phiremangston: *woe*
[2/14 9:39:54 PM] Scifiroots: NOM we gotta eat, Zo! Get it in your head!
[2/14 9:41:03 PM] Scifiroots: Jayne: blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda...
[2/14 9:41:27 PM] Scifiroots: "Eating people alive? When's that get fun?" Kayle: o.0 "They shoulds be ded, y/y?"
[2/14 9:42:04 PM] Scifiroots: omg, River was sniffing the bed in the vidcap, wasn't she?!
[2/14 9:42:10 PM] Phiremangston: indeed
[2/14 9:42:19 PM] Scifiroots: rflmao (rofl)
[2/14 9:42:29 PM] Phiremangston: behold, the one live animal in the movie!
[2/14 9:42:57 PM] Scifiroots: mahaha!
[2/14 9:43:11 PM] Scifiroots: I <3 Kaylee. "Fall right outta the sky! SMACK"
[2/14 9:43:25 PM] Scifiroots: EMO SIMON
[2/14 9:43:30 PM] Scifiroots: DOES NOT UNDERSTAND
[2/14 9:43:52 PM] Scifiroots: It's bizarre that I can actually tell that Summer's younger in Firefly than she is in TSCC.
[2/14 9:44:12 PM] Phiremangston: she looks so much older in Dollhouse
[2/14 9:44:36 PM] Scifiroots: AWWW "But they coulda been family."
[2/14 9:44:55 PM] Scifiroots: "OH GAWD DON'T TELL ME THAT!" - Mal
Jayne *drools*
[2/14 9:45:01 PM] Phiremangston: I love Fanty and Mingo
[2/14 9:45:16 PM] Scifiroots: "Fanty's prettier" *snickers*
[2/14 9:45:51 PM] Scifiroots: I would have loved more of the Twins, they're fabulous characters.
[2/14 9:46:01 PM] Scifiroots: DAMN IT WHY DID THIS SHOW GET CANCELED?!
[2/14 9:46:08 PM] Phiremangston: I DON"T KNOW
[2/14 9:46:13 PM] Phiremangston: FRUITY OATY BARS
[2/14 9:46:15 PM] Scifiroots: DAMN YOU FOX
[2/14 9:46:56 PM] Scifiroots: BOOM here come's the sound, ready or not, uh-huh BOOM (music)
[2/14 9:47:02 PM] Phiremangston: That
[2/14 9:47:09 PM] Phiremangston: That's why it's one of my favorite scens
[2/14 9:47:14 PM] Phiremangston: scenes, dammit!
[2/14 9:47:15 PM] Scifiroots: This fight scene? Like the coolest things evah!
[2/14 9:47:46 PM] Scifiroots: "D'you know that girl?" "I really don't."
[2/14 9:48:25 PM] Scifiroots: Gawd, poor Jayne is just taken out in the first half hour of this film!
[2/14 9:48:38 PM] Phiremangston: by a ninety-pound girl
[2/14 9:48:51 PM] Scifiroots: Yes, ftw!
[2/14 9:48:52 PM] Phiremangston: "Ninety-year-old...man...with man-boobs."
[2/14 9:48:56 PM] Scifiroots: Oh Simon.
[2/14 9:49:21 PM] Scifiroots: The whole secret phrase thing's a nother thing I tried to address in my fic. I really should get back to that... hrmm.
[2/14 9:49:34 PM] Scifiroots: Note to self: NO, must write 6th part of Shook the Bones first!
[2/14 9:49:42 PM] Phiremangston: yes, do that first
[2/14 9:49:45 PM] Scifiroots: ok, weird moment
[2/14 9:50:22 PM] Scifiroots: Looking at Mal through the grate grid... I swear I saw him as Sam Carter...?
[2/14 9:50:34 PM] Phiremangston: *giggles*
[2/14 9:50:35 PM] Scifiroots: SLEEPY PHRASE! (lmao Jayne)
[2/14 9:50:51 PM] Scifiroots: RAWR - Mal to Simon.
[2/14 9:50:54 PM] Scifiroots: (mm)
[2/14 9:50:57 PM] Phiremangston: the shot of Zoe's hand on her gun is so telling
[2/14 9:51:01 PM] Scifiroots: heehee
[2/14 9:51:32 PM] Scifiroots: "Didn't we have an intricate plan about them not being here anymore?"
[2/14 9:51:59 PM] Phiremangston: "Can I make a suggestion that doesn't involve violence?'
[2/14 9:52:10 PM] Scifiroots: *hugs* WASH
[2/14 9:52:18 PM] Scifiroots: MR. UNIVERSE KNOWS ALLLLL (maybe)
[2/14 9:52:28 PM] Phiremangston: I wish he had a theme song!
[2/14 9:52:31 PM] Scifiroots: I IZ ZEH MATH KING! MWAHAHAHA!
[2/14 9:53:02 PM] Scifiroots: The truth of the signal. CAN'T STOP THE FUCKING SIGNAL
[2/14 9:53:09 PM] Phiremangston: WORD.
[2/14 9:53:17 PM] Scifiroots: EVERYTHING GOES SOMEWHERE
[2/14 9:53:40 PM] Scifiroots: ITZ THE BUFFY BOT!
[2/14 9:53:49 PM] Scifiroots: lmao Oh man, Mal and Zoe's look
[2/14 9:54:06 PM] Phiremangston: "Go back further." "No..." "Uh, please?"
[2/14 9:54:29 PM] Scifiroots: NOT THE OATY BAR! :O
[2/14 9:54:46 PM] Phiremangston: OHS NOES!
[2/14 9:55:21 PM] Scifiroots: Wash was horrified when his favorite snacky food became lethal.
[2/14 9:55:26 PM] Scifiroots: RIVER ILU
[2/14 9:55:48 PM] Phiremangston: RIVER'S FACE.
[2/14 9:55:49 PM] Scifiroots: "bullet in the brainpan, squish!" is coming up =3
[2/14 9:56:55 PM] Phiremangston: Haven!
[2/14 9:57:20 PM] Scifiroots: FTW I love the reveal of Book *vbg*
[2/14 9:57:27 PM] Scifiroots: God it was sooo sad when he died!
[2/14 9:57:43 PM] Scifiroots: I swear that was to lull us all into the sense that no more deaths were gonna happen. grrr
[2/14 9:57:47 PM] Scifiroots: "Hiding ain't a plan?"
[2/14 9:57:57 PM] Phiremangston: "They'll come at you sideways."
[2/14 9:58:09 PM] Scifiroots: I <3 that Jayne plays guitar. Backstory for it: he was inspired when he heard his ballad on Canton ;D
[2/14 9:58:17 PM] Phiremangston: I like that backstory :D
[2/14 9:59:24 PM] Scifiroots: "when I talk about belief, why do you always think I'm talking about god"
[2/14 9:59:50 PM] Phiremangston: I love that line
[2/14 10:00:25 PM] Phiremangston: I also love that they're so detailed with Mal's scars. Each one is from the series.
[2/14 10:00:28 PM] Scifiroots: OMG BARE MAL
[2/14 10:00:33 PM] Scifiroots: yum
[2/14 10:00:51 PM] Phiremangston: YES
[2/14 10:00:52 PM] Scifiroots: MAL BEDHEAD
[2/14 10:00:53 PM] Phiremangston: POPCORN!
[2/14 10:00:59 PM] Scifiroots: lolz
[2/14 10:01:10 PM] Scifiroots: I love how they've got an audience up in the cockpit, lol.
[2/14 10:01:21 PM] Scifiroots: Now thinking of the gag reel.... "TRAP."
[2/14 10:01:44 PM] Phiremangston: Can I resplice the film with the gag reel in the right places?
[2/14 10:01:57 PM] Scifiroots: lol. btw, I think you ripped a copy on your computer that has shorter scenes than me collector's edition =p
[2/14 10:02:43 PM] Scifiroots: "Sometimes people have feelings."
[2/14 10:02:48 PM] Phiremangston: oh, yeah. I'm not watching the collector's edition one
[2/14 10:02:58 PM] Phiremangston: well, wait, maybe I am
[2/14 10:02:59 PM] Scifiroots: "D'you see us fight?" "No." "TRAP!111!!!"
[2/14 10:03:03 PM] Phiremangston: I might be commenting too early :P
[2/14 10:03:08 PM] Scifiroots: lol who knows!
[2/14 10:03:17 PM] Phiremangston: I've just seen this too many times!
[2/14 10:03:20 PM] Scifiroots: Zoe *g* "What? And risk my ship?"
[2/14 10:03:32 PM] Scifiroots: MALE COMPANIONS? OMG WIN!
[2/14 10:03:46 PM] Scifiroots: "Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket."
[2/14 10:04:18 PM] Scifiroots: So how many times do you think they had to film Nathan with the fringe dangling wildly over his face? Because I'd be laughing way too hard.
[2/14 10:04:29 PM] Phiremangston: heee, I would be too
[2/14 10:04:59 PM] Phiremangston: "Yes, I've read a poem. Try not to faint."
[2/14 10:05:06 PM] Scifiroots: You can totally tell he's wiggling his head to get the fringe bouncing, lolz
[2/14 10:05:15 PM] Scifiroots: Oh Operator, you're a pain in the ass!
[2/14 10:05:51 PM] Scifiroots: And do you subscribe to the belief that Book was an Operator? o.0
[2/14 10:06:11 PM] Phiremangston: I think it makes sense, but I always just assumed he was a high-level general or something.
[2/14 10:06:45 PM] Scifiroots: Yeah, I really don't know! It's one of the mysteries that drives me absolutely bonkers. Then again, I'm okay with it not being known.
[2/14 10:06:54 PM] Phiremangston: it means Joss still has hope!
[2/14 10:07:15 PM] Scifiroots: OTOH, I'm not keen on the direct implication that River's craziness was the result of the Miranda incident in her head.
[2/14 10:07:23 PM] Scifiroots: I mean, that's gotta be a tiny thing
[2/14 10:07:43 PM] Phiremangston: Oh no, I always thought it was just the massive inpour of information.
[2/14 10:08:01 PM] Phiremangston: because she theoretically knows a lot of other things
[2/14 10:08:05 PM] Phiremangston: information overload
[2/14 10:08:06 PM] Scifiroots: Yeah.
[2/14 10:08:17 PM] Phiremangston: it fits with the bottleneck theory of memory
[2/14 10:08:20 PM] Scifiroots: That's more my feeling too. It's just that she seems so damn normal at the movie's end. =p
[2/14 10:08:31 PM] Scifiroots: "That's not incense. BIYOTCH!"
[2/14 10:08:55 PM] Phiremangston: hahaha, that reminds me of Star Trek XI "Live long and prosper, bitch."
[2/14 10:09:14 PM] Scifiroots: *g*
[2/14 10:09:18 PM] Scifiroots: Haha, Cry Babies!
[2/14 10:09:29 PM] Scifiroots: CRY BEBEH CRY!
[2/14 10:09:40 PM] Scifiroots: Inara: "Because he's a believer"
[2/14 10:09:49 PM] Phiremangston: that's the creepiest part
[2/14 10:09:52 PM] Phiremangston: he fully believes it
[2/14 10:10:05 PM] Scifiroots: Yeah. And Inara and Book are often on the same page, eh?
[2/14 10:10:20 PM] Scifiroots: "Well. Well. You can't!" pffft
[2/14 10:11:07 PM] Phiremangston: that was such a low blow, Jayne
[2/14 10:11:27 PM] Scifiroots: Totes.
[2/14 10:11:47 PM] Scifiroots: (h)
[2/14 10:11:54 PM] Scifiroots: "Nobody besides Jayne is saying that."
[2/14 10:12:12 PM] Scifiroots: "You fuh--- fog things up!"
[2/14 10:12:24 PM] Phiremangston: lols. needs uncensored version.
[2/14 10:12:31 PM] Scifiroots: lol
[2/14 10:13:57 PM] Scifiroots: I am Jayne. I am pissy and stupid.
[2/14 10:14:15 PM] Scifiroots: "No trouble, little crazy person. We're goin' for a nice... shuttle ride."
[2/14 10:14:24 PM] Scifiroots: Jayne is totally faceplanted
[2/14 10:14:31 PM] Phiremangston: pachow.
[2/14 10:14:33 PM] Scifiroots: RIVER! BOOOOOO!
[2/14 10:14:38 PM] Phiremangston: OW SIMON OW.
[2/14 10:15:17 PM] Phiremangston: AT LEAST IT WASN'T MY NETHER REGIONS.
[2/14 10:15:20 PM] Scifiroots: Sneaking through the grate system, hellz ya.
[2/14 10:15:28 PM] Scifiroots: Well, I think River wants to be an auntie.
[2/14 10:15:31 PM] Scifiroots: =p
[2/14 10:15:33 PM] Phiremangston: true
[2/14 10:15:41 PM] Scifiroots: XD
[2/14 10:16:15 PM] Scifiroots: "Or we could talk more...."
[2/14 10:16:30 PM] Scifiroots: MAL LUVS YOU
[2/14 10:16:35 PM] Phiremangston: LUUUUUUUUUV
[2/14 10:16:44 PM] Scifiroots: Poor Simon. *hugs*
[2/14 10:16:53 PM] Scifiroots: "You could've asked."
[2/14 10:17:05 PM] Scifiroots: WASH I DON'T WANT YOU TO DIE! PLEASE NO NO NO!
[2/14 10:17:07 PM] Phiremangston: "Honey, show them the bad."
[2/14 10:17:29 PM] Scifiroots: "Whoa! No, no! Honey, show them the path!" Zoe: BITCHES THAT'S REAVER TERRITORY!
[2/14 10:17:34 PM] Phiremangston: NOOOO HAVEN.
[2/14 10:17:52 PM] Scifiroots: "I'm on board with our standard run and hide scenario........ wait..." DEPRESSED WASH IS DEPRESSED
[2/14 10:18:53 PM] Scifiroots: "That crossed my mind." ILU BOOK
[2/14 10:19:33 PM] Scifiroots: Awwwwwwww
[2/14 10:19:39 PM] Scifiroots: IMMA KISS YOU
[2/14 10:19:43 PM] Phiremangston: NOOOOOOOOOOO
[2/14 10:19:48 PM] Scifiroots: "i don't care what you believe. Just believe it."
[2/14 10:19:48 PM] Phiremangston: *cries*
[2/14 10:19:52 PM] Scifiroots: ;;;;;______;;;;;
[2/14 10:19:56 PM] Scifiroots: WOE IS EPIC WOE
[2/14 10:21:00 PM] Phiremangston: "If your quarrel goes to ground, leave no ground to go to."
[2/14 10:21:02 PM] Scifiroots: Hell, I still feel a little teary looking at all the vid screens showing the deaths. :(
[2/14 10:21:07 PM] Phiremangston: Me too :(
[2/14 10:21:42 PM] Scifiroots: "Malcolm. I'm a monster." FU
[2/14 10:22:02 PM] Scifiroots: I would have loved to see more Early, though. He was a frigging scary bastard. Epic badguy.
[2/14 10:22:34 PM] Phiremangston: "Put Book on the front, he's our friend. Kaylee, find that kid who's taking a dirtbath with baby Jesus. Jayne, try not to steal too much of their shit."
[2/14 10:22:45 PM] Scifiroots: YES!
[2/14 10:23:06 PM] Scifiroots: Do you have gag reel ripped on your computer too? We should watch that afterwards
[2/14 10:23:15 PM] Scifiroots: WASH GET OUT NOW!
[2/14 10:23:38 PM] Phiremangston: I don't know if I have the gag reel
[2/14 10:23:40 PM] Phiremangston: I don't think so
[2/14 10:24:10 PM] Scifiroots: Y'know, I'm kind of surprised how Simon is one of the people who doesn't look down or even that shocked when Mal shoots the soldier. I mean, Kaylee looks a little cowed and Inara looks sad...
[2/14 10:25:11 PM] Scifiroots: Dude, this is an extended scene on the bridge I haven't really seen before...
[2/14 10:25:16 PM] Phiremangston: while he hasn't done much, I bet he's seen his fair share of violence
[2/14 10:25:21 PM] Phiremangston: I love the bridge scene
[2/14 10:25:28 PM] Scifiroots: I've only watched this version with the commentary before
[2/14 10:25:48 PM] Scifiroots: River looked a little Angelina Jolie in the face there for a moment with the eerie light...
[2/14 10:26:00 PM] Phiremangston: heheh
[2/14 10:26:33 PM] Scifiroots: And I love the Tams.
[2/14 10:26:53 PM] Scifiroots: Fav character might be Mal, then Wash, then all tangled with ties - but probably River - but I adore the Tams.
[2/14 10:27:17 PM] Phiremangston: I love them aaaaaaaallll.
[2/14 10:27:29 PM] Scifiroots: FOR REALZZ
[2/14 10:27:36 PM] Scifiroots: Yeah, there isn't anyone I /don't/ like.
[2/14 10:28:01 PM] Phiremangston: for a while I wasn't the biggest fan of Zoe, but I learned to heart her
[2/14 10:29:26 PM] Scifiroots: I like how damn strong her character is.
[2/14 10:29:37 PM] Scifiroots: This series gave damn good female roles.
[2/14 10:29:49 PM] Phiremangston: it really did
[2/14 10:30:04 PM] Scifiroots: Awwwwwww Simon & River. Sibling love! (No, not csi!)
[2/14 10:30:16 PM] Scifiroots: serious!Wash is serious!
[2/14 10:30:33 PM] Phiremangston: That shot! Where it lingers on him just a little longer. So much foreshadowing :(
[2/14 10:31:08 PM] Scifiroots: *wibble*
[2/14 10:31:30 PM] Scifiroots: River reacting to the holo is so tragic here.
[2/14 10:31:35 PM] Scifiroots: Also Wash. *sob*
[2/14 10:31:41 PM] Scifiroots: WAAAASSSSHHHH
[2/14 10:32:00 PM] Phiremangston: That poor researcher
[2/14 10:32:07 PM] Scifiroots: WWJWD = "What would Joss Whedon Do?" = "KILL FAVORITE CHARACTERS"
[2/14 10:32:26 PM] Scifiroots: And the actress for the researcher is actually a standup comedian. ;;^^
[2/14 10:33:02 PM] Phiremangston: really?
[2/14 10:33:05 PM] Phiremangston: cool.
[2/14 10:34:19 PM] Scifiroots: The lighting is so pretty!
[2/14 10:34:29 PM] Scifiroots: But damnit, Wash go away to someplace safe!
[2/14 10:34:31 PM] Phiremangston: Joss Whedon does love his lighting, doesn't he.
[2/14 10:34:47 PM] Scifiroots: No like JJA loves his lensflares. =x
[2/14 10:34:57 PM] Scifiroots: "I aim to MISBEHAVE!"
[2/14 10:35:10 PM] Phiremangston: "This scene is missing something - add a lenseflare!"
[2/14 10:35:14 PM] Scifiroots: "Shepard Book used to tell me, if you can't do something smart, do something right."
[2/14 10:35:56 PM] Scifiroots: "Or it might be, if I had a motto."
[2/14 10:36:00 PM] Scifiroots: "Pretty pretty lights."
[2/14 10:36:11 PM] Phiremangston: I'm curious what the newswave was that he had for the Operative.
[2/14 10:36:30 PM] Scifiroots: Yeah.
[2/14 10:36:39 PM] Scifiroots: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS
[2/14 10:36:58 PM] Scifiroots: Have you ever read the novelization? I own it now, but haven't gotten to it. Well, besides the first sixteen pages, lol
[2/14 10:37:37 PM] Phiremangston: I think I read it way back when, lul.
[2/14 10:38:50 PM] Scifiroots: Serenity: BOOYAH! Wash: I ROCK YOUR UNIVERSE< BB!
[2/14 10:39:09 PM] Phiremangston: "It's okay! I'm a leaf on the wind."
[2/14 10:39:32 PM] Phiremangston: I DON'T WANT TO WAAAAAATCH.
[2/14 10:39:57 PM] Scifiroots: NNNNNNNNNOOOOO Sara McRae and I gasped and clutched at each other when IT happened. ;_;
[2/14 10:40:12 PM] Phiremangston: same here, when I saw it with some friends
[2/14 10:40:43 PM] Scifiroots: The theatre in CR only had like 8-10 people in there. We were all "
[2/14 10:41:40 PM] Scifiroots: I do love that Jayne checks everyone's seatbelts. =\
[2/14 10:41:51 PM] Phiremangston: that made me happy
[2/14 10:41:52 PM] Scifiroots: SOB!!!!!!!!! WASH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[2/14 10:42:05 PM] Scifiroots: POOR BEBEG SERENITY
[2/14 10:42:13 PM] Phiremangston: NOOOOOOOOOO
[2/14 10:42:14 PM] Scifiroots: *BEBEH
[2/14 10:42:23 PM] Scifiroots: I CANNAE WATCH, CAPN!
[2/14 10:42:36 PM] Phiremangston: EVIL RED LIGHT
[2/14 10:42:51 PM] Scifiroots: FUCK YOU JOSS! *SOBS*
[2/14 10:43:00 PM] Phiremangston: *waaaaaails*
[2/14 10:43:15 PM] Scifiroots: SOB SOB SOBBITY SOB SOB SOB
[2/14 10:44:10 PM] Phiremangston: Zoe is so intense here, it's scary
[2/14 10:44:25 PM] Scifiroots: *sobs*
[2/14 10:44:48 PM] Scifiroots: Those crates are so like coffins. YOU ALL GUNNA DIE!
[2/14 10:44:58 PM] Phiremangston: SYMBOLISM
[2/14 10:45:02 PM] Scifiroots: DUDE
[2/14 10:45:18 PM] Scifiroots: Inara's Aztec Warrior Goddess thing is weird.
[2/14 10:45:26 PM] Scifiroots: "Zoe? Are you here?" *whimper*
[2/14 10:45:28 PM] Phiremangston: it is, though I like the crossbow
[2/14 10:45:41 PM] Scifiroots: The crossbow amuses me, but yeah, I like it. =)
[2/14 10:46:11 PM] Scifiroots: "Do you really think we're going to get thru this." :|
"Well. I might." :S
[2/14 10:46:36 PM] Phiremangston: dude, Universe should have rigged the LoveBot to only say the message once
[2/14 10:47:43 PM] Scifiroots: I KNOW. I mean, he's gotta have visual recognition stuff, right?
[2/14 10:47:56 PM] Scifiroots: But then we'd miss the epic battle
[2/14 10:48:18 PM] Scifiroots: "With me? You mean to say as.... sex?" "I mean to say." "..... HELL WITH THIS I'M GONNA LIVE!"
[2/14 10:48:18 PM] Phiremangston: "Hell with this, I'm gonna live!'
[2/14 10:48:28 PM] Phiremangston: I love Kaylee
[2/14 10:48:49 PM] Scifiroots: <3
[2/14 10:49:01 PM] Scifiroots: I do too. It's just that she and Simon aren't my otp. (wasntme)
[2/14 10:49:11 PM] Phiremangston: hehe
[2/14 10:49:22 PM] Phiremangston: ZOE DON'T DO THAT.
[2/14 10:49:32 PM] Scifiroots: ZOE DUNNAE DIE!
[2/14 10:49:37 PM] Scifiroots: OR GET PARALYZED!
[2/14 10:49:49 PM] Scifiroots: Jayne: IMMA GONNA PROTECT YOU!
[2/14 10:49:54 PM] Phiremangston: daaaaaw
[2/14 10:50:02 PM] Scifiroots: Jayne has a crush on everyone. FACT
[2/14 10:50:08 PM] Phiremangston: yes
[2/14 10:50:11 PM] Scifiroots: "You shot me in the fucking back! BASTARD"
[2/14 10:50:53 PM] Scifiroots: BANG BANG BANG MAL SHOT THE OPERATOR DOWN! (But he didn't stay down)
[2/14 10:51:01 PM] Phiremangston: they never stay down
[2/14 10:51:28 PM] Phiremangston: they cut so fast from the shot with the bandage; I wonder if they kept having trouble with it? :P
[2/14 10:51:57 PM] Scifiroots: *snickers* prrrffff-blech goes teh canister
[2/14 10:52:11 PM] Scifiroots: Zoe: "Simon, we're not shaving me, here!"
[2/14 10:52:14 PM] Phiremangston: EVERYONE'S GONNA DIE.
[2/14 10:52:17 PM] Scifiroots: Jayne: "Zoe has backhair?"
[2/14 10:52:43 PM] Scifiroots: Zoe: "FALL BACK. But not like how I fell on my back."
[2/14 10:52:58 PM] Phiremangston: hahaha
[2/14 10:53:26 PM] Phiremangston: OH SHIT SIMON
[2/14 10:53:33 PM] Scifiroots: OH MY GOD THEY KILLED SIMON!
[2/14 10:53:44 PM] Scifiroots: Actually this is so one of my fav scenes. It's just... very good, imo
[2/14 10:53:49 PM] Scifiroots: (h)
[2/14 10:53:50 PM] Phiremangston: it really is
[2/14 10:54:10 PM] Scifiroots: "No.... no... my turn now."
[2/14 10:54:18 PM] Scifiroots: =3
[2/14 10:54:43 PM] Scifiroots: Kaylee lying on the coffin crate...
[2/14 10:55:00 PM] Phiremangston: River did that once :P
[2/14 10:55:11 PM] Scifiroots: lol that was awesome
[2/14 10:55:43 PM] Phiremangston: "right now, I'm gonna have to go with wrath."
[2/14 10:56:45 PM] Scifiroots: HAHAHA MAL SURPRISED YOU BITCH!
[2/14 10:56:57 PM] Scifiroots: Dislocated shoulders, eh?
[2/14 10:57:01 PM] Phiremangston: ouch
[2/14 10:57:19 PM] Scifiroots: "Sorry bout the throat. Bet you wanna say your famous last words." BASTARD
[2/14 10:57:23 PM] Scifiroots: I <3 Mal
[2/14 10:57:28 PM] Phiremangston: "I'm going to grant you your greatest wish. I'm gonna show you a world without sin."
[2/14 10:57:32 PM] Scifiroots: Damn good
[2/14 10:57:53 PM] Scifiroots: epic echoing. CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL
[2/14 10:58:22 PM] Scifiroots: *Starship Enterprise receives transmission* Scotty: "YOU CANNAE STOP THE SIGNAL, CAP'N"
[2/14 10:58:45 PM] Scifiroots: Someone proposed an epic STXI/Firefly xover wherein the Federation = the Alliance.
[2/14 10:58:56 PM] Phiremangston: heeeee
[2/14 10:59:30 PM] Scifiroots: I would love to see that xover. Don't think I could write it, tho, not with the epicness of my "wip" files X_x
[2/14 10:59:37 PM] Phiremangston: hehehe
[2/14 11:00:41 PM] Phiremangston: I like that even though he betrayed them, they still held a ceremony for Mr. Universe
[2/14 11:01:04 PM] Scifiroots: =3
[2/14 11:01:18 PM] Scifiroots: EPIC WASH IS BEAUTIFUL IZ NOT DEAD!
[2/14 11:01:51 PM] Phiremangston: gods, this scene always makes me tear up (the rebuilding of Serenity)
[2/14 11:01:55 PM] Scifiroots: Oh, in that xover w/ TSCC that I mentioned earlier, there's a bit of superstition that Wash is haunting the pilot's chair and that's why the last seven pilots (in two years) have died *facepalm*
[2/14 11:02:02 PM] Phiremangston: ooh
[2/14 11:02:02 PM] Scifiroots: Yeah... Serenity rebuild...
[2/14 11:02:17 PM] Scifiroots: I always crack up at how ridic muscled SM is, lolz
[2/14 11:02:25 PM] Phiremangston: haha, yeah
[2/14 11:03:05 PM] Scifiroots: Operative: yadda uyadda blah blah yadda moan warn yadda blah blah
[2/14 11:03:11 PM] Scifiroots: Mal: STFU & DIAF
[2/14 11:03:21 PM] Phiremangston: Zoe's hideous shirt ftl.
[2/14 11:03:25 PM] Scifiroots: lol
[2/14 11:03:28 PM] Scifiroots: I knowz
[2/14 11:03:56 PM] Phiremangston: Inara looks so young there
[2/14 11:04:02 PM] Scifiroots: I'm still amazed they had enough time to rebuild... still on Mr. Universe's place, right?
[2/14 11:04:11 PM] Phiremangston: I think so
[2/14 11:04:17 PM] Scifiroots: Inara is rather adorable there. She kinda looks "reborn" y'know?
[2/14 11:04:29 PM] Phiremangston: exactly
[2/14 11:04:41 PM] Scifiroots: Mal, you gotta hit the three switches!
[2/14 11:04:52 PM] Scifiroots: River cracks me up here. (chuckle)
[2/14 11:05:09 PM] Phiremangston: dinosaurs!
[2/14 11:05:12 PM] Scifiroots: Mal: Ummm I'm just gonna grab the wheel and look like I'm doing something
[2/14 11:05:23 PM] Scifiroots: River: "But I like to hear you say it." =D
[2/14 11:05:30 PM] Phiremangston: "Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down."
[2/14 11:05:43 PM] Phiremangston: LOVE MY SHOW/MOVIE.
[2/14 11:06:14 PM] Scifiroots: Serenity: WTF JUST FELL OFF MY ASS?
[2/14 11:06:21 PM] Phiremangston: hahahah
[2/14 11:06:26 PM] Phiremangston: omg those credits are looooooong.
[2/14 11:06:56 PM] Scifiroots: heee
[2/14 11:08:35 PM] Scifiroots: Bloody hell, this show is amazing.
[2/14 11:08:48 PM] Scifiroots: Like I said, I now crave fic.
[2/14 11:08:53 PM] Phiremangston: heh
[2/14 11:09:11 PM] Phiremangston: I crave sleep. Even though I want to get more jobhunting done, I have a shift at 8 tomorrow.
[2/14 11:09:12 PM] Scifiroots: And am facing a debate between trying to write in Firefly versus the Criminal Minds fic that's open..............
[2/14 11:09:19 PM] Scifiroots: Ugh, GET SLEEP
[2/14 11:09:24 PM] Phiremangston: sleeeeeeeeeep
[2/14 11:09:28 PM] Phiremangston: do the criminal minds one first
[2/14 11:09:55 PM] Scifiroots: *pout* What if I needs help? *pokepokeprod* Then again, I know you're not keen on slash in the fandom. *sighs*
[2/14 11:10:33 PM] Phiremangston: in CM fandom? I don't ship anyone hard, but I'll read any pairings.
[2/14 11:11:01 PM] Scifiroots: ok! Awesome possum. 'Cuz it's working towards Hotch/Reid (but with EPIC problems.)
[2/14 11:11:14 PM] Phiremangston: mmk
[2/14 11:11:22 PM] Phiremangston: I've read a few Hotch/Reid fics.
[2/14 11:11:38 PM] Scifiroots: (Kyrdwn's are aawwweeessooommmee)
[2/14 11:12:03 PM] Scifiroots: (Blaze with Glory? AU where Rossi adopt Reid: baby-left-on-steps-of-fbi? XD )
[2/14 11:12:11 PM] Phiremangston: hee
[2/14 11:12:50 PM] Scifiroots: Outtakes: *plunge in needle, river screams* PLOP. Whut?
[2/14 11:13:15 PM] Scifiroots: "Hey, what're you guys doing? Making out?" *wash flips off mal*
[2/14 11:14:03 PM] Scifiroots: River and Mal play pantomime.
[2/14 11:14:09 PM] Phiremangston: hee
[2/14 11:14:47 PM] Scifiroots: "You see that, right? Would you turn? Turn?! Pull over!"
[2/14 11:15:06 PM] Scifiroots: "THAT'S IT YOU WANNA FLY? FUCKING FLY! --- I'LL BE IN MY BUNK"
[2/14 11:15:21 PM] Scifiroots: Why was everyone crying Summer during the outtakes?
[2/14 11:15:36 PM] Phiremangston: blaming her for everything, somehow :P
[2/14 11:15:49 PM] Scifiroots: I was just wondering what started it. =)
[2/14 11:15:58 PM] Scifiroots: Oh, one of my fav outtake moments. TRAP!!!
[2/14 11:16:51 PM] Scifiroots: And Mal dances alone, *snickers*
[2/14 11:18:04 PM] Scifiroots: The Reavers have Rave parties.
[2/14 11:18:41 PM] Phiremangston: reading parties?
[2/14 11:18:52 PM] Scifiroots: that too. =D
[2/14 11:18:52 PM] Phiremangston: Reavers with glosticks.
[2/14 11:19:08 PM] Scifiroots: Don'tcha know they're bookworms! =D all that time between raping and pillaging and canabalizing...
[2/14 11:19:22 PM] Phiremangston: have to remain educated, after all!
[2/14 11:19:43 PM] Scifiroots: Word. And they never lie down, so hey, probably means they don't really sleep!
[2/14 11:20:16 PM] Phiremangston: MOAR TIME FOR READING.

The end.


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