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Holy Flipping Cow!

In response to ohsillytwigg's stunned response of my estimated 300+/1 fanfics. I knew I wasn't really overestimating, but I was curious just how many fics I had finished. So I went through my websites with fic (plus included my recent Firefly ficlets) and made a list. I know there's a few more in the Sailor Moon and Samurai Trooper (Ronin Warrior) stories that aren't listed, so I've added 3 to the could because I know for sure there's that many not in the list. Oh, and counting NaNoWriMo novel as well.

So what was the total of completed fic? THREE HUNDRED AND FOUR! 304! Holy freaking cow! =O I am floored, people. I've been writing fic online since Jan/Feb 1999. Eleven years.

*shakes head in astonishment* Truly amazed.