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Another comment_fic prompt. Since the day's theme is "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" and craziness, I had to bring up good ol' H.M. Murdock for one of the author's choice fandom. =)

I'd Rather Be Me
By Clarity Scifiroots
Rating: All
Notes: UN-BETA'D Literally written just minutes ago.

Everyone knew Murdock didn't take the medications. Well, the team knew, certainly. People at the hospital didn't, and that was what mattered. Though Murdock liked to chance it sometimes. He'd collect the colorful variety of pills for two weeks and then play with them, making designs on the floor in the corner.

The team knew that Murdock didn't take the meds, but they never talked about the reasons. Murdock had mostly forgotten the horrendous conditions at the VA in San Diego, it helped that he'd been drugged to the gills while there. The rest of the team remembered all too clearly the rat-invested, cramped rooms, the filthy patients, the over-worked and impatient staff.

The pills might work if they were taken, but the team tended to think Murdock's sanity was better served without it.