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Quick notes

Gotta leave for class soon, but quick notes:

[community profile] scifibigbang is taking sign-ups through the end of March! Sign up on DW or LJ. I'm signed up and determined to write this time. Possibly thinking of expanding my Firefly AU story where Simon and River have reversed roles. Not fully decided, though.

I have a midterm tomorrow in Linguistics and, bad student that I am with intro classes, I have yet to study. *facepalm* I'm lulled into a sense of security with the homeworks done thus far being graded about 92%. Still, need to study.

This Friday is my first day of break! YAY! I go home to Milwaukee for a few days, then to North Carolina, and then return to the Cities.

Been reading fic from the Star Trek big bang over the weekend and there are excellent stories. Check out my delicious bookmarks for the awesome Spock/Kirk fics I've read thus far.

Trying to work more on this other Firefly AU that introduces the Tams during the premise in Heart of Gold. My beta has been wonderfully supportive, yay! Hoping to get it posted by end of spring break...? Not sure what'll happen. My plot bunnies keep hopping around crazily. In fact, I think they're growing wings. o.0