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You guys rock!

Thanks for all the well wishes! =D I feel so loved. Just got back and I think it went well. The gal was friendly and seemed open to the fact that I haven't worked retail before. It probably helps that I'm wholly flexible at the moment, with only my week of spring break and my 3 classes/week commitments. Also helps that I have a Gap Inc. credit card and support it. Yes, I'll have to be one of the annoying people to bring up card benefits =p At least it's one that I like.

ALSO, I know Gap's terribly expensive (seriously, I get buy stuff from Old Navy and anything Gap was a hand-me-down or a thrift-store buy) BUT now through March 15, if you bring in old denim (any denim) you get 30% off. If you've got their card and use it, you'll get 35% off! Nice. (And like the only way I could afford it, lol)

<3 Again, thank you all soooo much. I'm pleased to have such support.