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IMPORTANT Folded & Unfolded / blind!kirk

So I registered myself for 30kin3 in addition to my scifibigbang signup. For 30K I signed up with my stalled Star Trek XI story, Folded & Unfolding - a.k.a. "blind!Kirk" fic. This means I am locking the posts of blind!Kirk. I am very happy to add whoever friends me. I don't get into too much detail about my RL in my "personal" posts, so you shouldn't be bugged my non-fandomy things very often. =)

Note that blind!Kirk fic will be going under rewrites and will not be updated here. The final product will be released when 30kin3 wraps up.


May. 4th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC)
*g* Oh there are so many things in-process. I'm also signed up for a Firefly AU for 30kink that I haven't worked on since I signed up. blind!Kirk was taking priority, and now I'm working again on my Criminal Minds series that's been on hiatus since November. Almost done with the next part...

But I have three papers in the next week and a half, some regular hw, a final, and a group presentation. Trying to order my priorities, tho' it's hard to get motivated for that work. :p
May. 4th, 2010 04:41 pm (UTC)
I've just got a major Star Trek series in progress, but I put it on hold when I got really sick for a few months and didn't have the energy to think straight, much less write another novel-length story. I put all my energy into simply not using up all of my sick days. I'm feeling better, and as soon as I come back from the convention I'm attending this weekend, I'm determined to barrel through the next fic I planned to write.

Good luck on all your papers and other work!