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Home, now, & few fic notes

I actually did a fair amount of revision work on the beginning of the blind!Kirk fic. I'm just about ready to continue progressing the story. =) Still have a few pages to type up that I was handwriting today on planes & in airports.

Anyway, I've been reading various ST fics lately and the current one I'm on is TOS and has Kirk's mom. It reminded me that for some reason for ST XI, my head canon has Kirk referring to her as "Ma." (Well, "Ma" and then "my mom," etc.) This is also making me think about the fact that ideally and... well, logically Winona Kirk should come up in this epic. =\ Hrm. I feel like my hands are going to be plenty full.

I mean seriously, if I get input again from classics_geek (o wait, u changed your name >.<) I'm going to be further influenced by Kirk + McCoy UST (I don't ship 'em, tho). Then there's my great love for Spock!Prime and dude, the ridiculous complications of his relationships in the nu!verse are soooo tempting. I don't really have a sense of who nu!Spock is in my fic realm, tho', and I figure that will just have to come with time as I get into writing s'more.

I'm all excited about this, though. Really enjoying reading things out there, also enjoying collecting a ridiculous number of prompts from the new kink meme (damn it, ppl, it's so addicting!) 159 are on my "would be intrigued to attempt fic" list. Yeah, don't hold your breath on a single one, ok? Actually some things I'm keeping in mind for blind!Kirk fic. Others? Too epic for me to touch for at least a couple years.

In the mean time, I task you with this! I need Vulcan names! D: I don't know how to name Vulcans! But I need to name at a minimum of two. I need a male and female name. Of particular importance is the male Healer's name since, well, he'll be key in the care, yadda yadda. 9_9
Tags: #author, fandom: star trek aos, observations, scifibigbang, series: blind!kirk
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