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To my amusement...

So I've been studiously looking up things on the Vulcan Language Dictionary (VLD) and as I go through I'll switch over to looking at V -> E to check on prefixes. I suddenly realized as I was looking at "kudau" and "kudaya" (bless & blessing) that the ending of these words likely signifies the part of speech. I have to grin because I was doing that sort of thing for homework a couple weeks ago and had a few question on my linguistics midterm looking at that sort of thing. Last night in lecture I was thinking about how I might finally pay better attention in lecture if I connect Vulcan to the current topic. XD

I love being a geek.

BTW, there's no word in there for traveler. There is travel and traveling... but does anyone know how to make a word into a noun/person? I want Spock Prime's title to be in Vulcan and still think the term "Traveler" works well (although some other things are interesting me too...)